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Throughout centuries, Jews in Europe and Asia had to disguise their professions or occupations from crusaders, Cossacks and informers while still availing themselves to the Jewish community.

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Agul, Agol, Agulov עגול wagon, associated with wagon driving
Azullay אזהולי Family name of Cohanim, based on first letters of Vayikro 21:7
Balagula בעלעגולה wagon driver
Bodek, Bodik, Budakov בודק kashrus inspector
Bochur, Bachurov בחור young man
Bochorov בהרב son of rabbi (acronym)
Bash, Bosh, Bosch בש son of Shmuel (acronym)
Bril, Brel, Brelov בריל son of Rabbi Yehuda Leib (acronym)
Braz בראז son of Rabbi Alexander Ziskind (acronym)
Babat, Babadov (Bukharan) באבד son of Chief Judge [Av Bet Din] of City Of Brody (acronym)
Charlap, Harlapov חרלפ Chiya, Head of the Jews of Poland (acronym)
Chazan, Kazan, Khazankin חזן singer
Chait, Hait, Haitman חיט taylor
Eventov אבנטוב precious stone
Efros, Efrusi אפרים of the tribe of Efraim
Gabbe, Gabovitz, Gabovich גבאי synagogue usher
Katzev קצב butcher
Katz (cat Ger.) ץ''כ kohen the tzadik (acronym)
Kashtan,Casden (chestnut) כצדן kohen the tzadik who is a dayan [a judge] (acronym)
Katzap (derogatory Rus. nick.) כצפ kohen the tzadik of Poland (acronym)
Klezmer, Klezmirov כליזמר "musical instruments", player in a band
Mazo, Maze מזא of the seed of Aaron the Kohen (acronym)
Maharik, Marik מהריק Our Teacher R.Y.Karo or: of Italy R.Y. Kolon (acronym)
Maharshak, Marshak מהרשק Our Teacher R. Kaydanover [Shlomo,1614-1676 cde, Germany, Poland]
Menaker, Meniker, Minaker מנקר butcher who removes sinews and cleans meat
Nagid, Nogid נגיד respected man
Parnes, Parns פרנס a representative of Jewish interests
Poskin, Paskin, Poseik פוסק consultant on Jewish Law
Ribak (fisherman Rus.) רבק Rabbi Y. Kalonymos, 12th century cde, (acronym)
Roshal, Roshlin רשל Rabbi Shlomo Lurie [1510-1574 cde, Poland] (acronym)
Roife, Rofe, Rafe רופא doctor
Robinson, Rabinson, Ravrebbe רבי rabbi, leading rabbi, leader
Segal, Siegel סגל Sgan Leviim -- Captain of the Levites (acronym)
Shuchran, Shachrov, Shochor שחר  wine trader (shechar=inebriating drink)
Shatz, Shatzky ץ''ש prayer leader (acronym)
Shubin, Shub שוב shochet v'bodek - both slaughterer and inspector (acronym)
Shabad, Shabadov שבד messenger of court (acronym)
Shadkin, Shadkan שדחן matchmaker
Shames, Shamenson שמש custodian of synagogue
Shechtman, Sheichet שוחט slaughterer
Sorov, Soyrev צורף jeweller
Socher, Sacher, Seicher שוכר merchant
Tyomin,Toimin, Teomim תאומים of twins, a twin
Yabetz, Yavitz, Yavitzky, Javitz יבץ Yakov Ben Tzvi [1697-1776 cde, Germany] (acronym)
Yorysh, Yerishev, Yorush יורש inheritor, progeny
Zand, Sand, Sond זנד of the kind seed (acronym)-"zer'a ndivim"
Zaks, Sachs, Zaks, Saks זק of seed of the saints, of martyrs (acronym)-"zer'a qdoshim"

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