Reviewed by: 

Terren Bruce


Royalty and Rogues

The Adventure:

Recent raids by Periphery pirates have devastated the planet Bryceland, and the world's ruler seems powerless to stop these marauders.  Fearful and furious, Bryceland's Citizens talk of revolution, while forces behind the scenes plot a military coup.  Only one woman can keep Bryceland from succumbing to civil war:  Samantha Davion-Harland, beloved daughter of Bryceland's duke.  But the pirates abducted Samantha in their latest raid, taking her somewhere deep in the Periphery.  The duke engages your band of mercs to rescue his daughter.  The leaders of the coup will do anything to keep you from succeeding.

What's in the book:

First off let me make clear this MechWarrior adventure is for the 2nd edition of the game.  With that said, it should be easy to convert it to the 3rd edition as long as the Games Master is willing to improvise a little (and what Games Master doesn't do that constantly?).  The majority of the adventure take place on the world of Antallos, known by many as Port Krin.  Set during the year 3056, it is set back when the FedCom was one happy realm. 

The adventure is large enough to fill several gaming sessions. The entire basic adventure is laid out for the Games Master, but he will have to fill in some encounters himself.  Say if your PC's go to a bar to gather some information the GM will have to create the Bar encounter himself.  All the major events are detailed however, and there's plenty of rumor tables to help the GM gather info from NPC's on various subjects important to the plot.  Stats are given for the NPC's in combat situations in the adventure, and they are also all put into one place at the end of the book (remember these are 2nd edition stats).  Major NPC's are given their own special section with stats, descriptions, and pictures. 

There is also a sourcebook section for the world of Antallos and the city of Port Krin.  Given that this was only tacked on at the end of the adventure and there was limited space available, they make very good use of the space they do get.  They even included detailed maps of Antallos and the city of Port Krin (which are much better than you will find in the MechWarrior's Guide to Solaris VII). 

The Good:

An interesting adventure that will give you several sessions of play, source material which can serve as a basis for continuing adventures on Port Krin, and detailed world and city maps.  Gives the GM all the important stuff, but leaves things open ended enough to tailor the game to the players tastes.

The Bad:

If you play 3rd edition then it will take a little work to convert everything.  If you don't worry about making an exact conversion and just kinda make reasonable guesses, then it will be much easier.  Increasing the page count would have allowed for a more detailed sourcebook section.  After all, the source material will still be useful when the adventure is over, so the more included, the longer this book would have been useful.

Final Thoughts:

This adventure is a fun, action packed, romp out in the distant Periphery.  A good combination of Mech combat and foot action which should entertain for several gaming sections.  Port Krin is a great campaign setting, and I'd love to see a full sourcebook on it.  Until then the source material here will give us a start, and will prove useful long after the adventure is over.  A good buy for any overworked GM.