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About the casts and their character

Ana María Orozco - Beatriz Aurora Pinzón Solano

An intelligent but very ingenuous woman that does not know to be dressed or to be made up. She has braces and horrible eyeglasses. A good person. Has a degree in Economics and master in Finance. Dream to be love by a man. After work in Ecomoda, she fall in love with Armando but know it is impossible so she decides only focus to her work.


Jorge Enrique Abello - Armando Mendoza   

President of Ecomoda. Handsome and successful man. Use this advantage to conquer many beautiful women. Armando admires the beauty, the aesthetics and the harmony. He has planned to marry Marcela Valencia, because she is from the same social class, beautiful and sexy, but does not think to be him faithful after the marriage.


 Natalia Ramírez - Marcela Valencia 
Armando's lover and has engaged. Beautiful and sexy woman but very jealous. Patricia is her good friend. She is also worked in Ecomoda. 


Ricardo Vélez - Mario Calderón  

Armando's best friend.  For him the feelings are number 2. Associated with Armando to play women's love. Because of his look so attractive and have elegance great style, he tempts Patricia and Aura Maria.


 Lorna Paz - Patricia Fernández 
She is also Armando's secretary. Always dream live in a luxuries but don't have money. Divorced. Beautiful but has a bad attitude. Marcela's good friend. Always busybody and spying Armando and "ugly women group". She is odious and gross with who does not consider of her same condition, in spite of the fact that she did not remain in good economic conditions after her husband left. Find millionaire husband and finally find Nicolas Moorish (think that he is a richest man) and fall in love with him. 


Stefanía Gómez - Aura María Fuentes  

Pretty receptionist. Widow and have a son. Lived with her parent. A woman without vision in the life, only lives to be entertained and to make new friends. Sadly no man takes serious with her therefore she has become the diversion of shift. One of the "ugly women group".


 Dora Cadavid - Inesita de Gómez 
Hugo's assistant, who are worked for the company for years. A few years ago her husband walked out and never returned. Full of experiences and always advises the "ugly women group" never create problems to Betty. She is honest and faithful. 


María Eugenia Arboleda - Mariana  

Marcela's secretary. She is sincere and nice person. Her great aspiration is to be a model, always lives in function of his figure and by his yearnings. Only accepts the men that she thinks they will help it to arrive the success. She is expert in reading the card. She is one of the "ugly women group".


 Marcela Posada - Sandra 'La Jirafa' Patiño
Mario's secretary. They called her "Giraffe" because she is too tall. She has a long black hair and wearing glasses. Obviously her stature makes her love life difficult and therefore no lower man comes out with her.  Nevertheless, she is determined, risked and at the times exposes too much provided to help her friends. 


Paula Peña - Sofía  

Gutierrez's secretary. Her husband leaves her for another younger one, Jenny. Anyway, she still loves her husband. Always check her account because every month her husband must bank-in the money for her and their 2 children’s. If not, war will happen! She is also one of the "ugly women group".


 Luces Velásquez - Bertha de González
A married woman that seems live happiness with her life and her husband.  Worry about her figure, therefore she try to diet but cannot moved away from the food.  One of the "ugly women group".


Júlio César Herrera - Freddy Stewart Contreras  

Office boy in Ecomoda. Dress like the executives. He works for Armando and very funny, but he is politely person. Respect with the woman. Fall in love with Aura Maria.


 Mario Duarte - Nicolas Mora 
Betty's neighbourhood and her good friend. He is always protecting Betty. Bookworm, innocent and intelligent man. Does not know anything about love neither of the sexuality. Admire Patrician Fernandez.


Luis Mesa - Daniel Valencia    

Marcela's brother. He wants to be Ecomoda's president.  Armando's enemy.  Always try to do something to get the president's place. He works with government in the economic environment, but it not his interests. 


 Alberto León Jaramillo - Saúl Gutiérrez
Worked at Ecomoda as Human Resources Officer. Married but lustful. Anyway he is affraid with his wife.


Martha Isabel Bolaños -  Jenny 'La Pupuchurra'  

Worked at Ecomoda as 'size model'. She always dream want to be a model. She is Elfrain's (Sofia's husband) girlfriend. Enemy with Sofia and "ugly women group". 


 Julián Arango - Hugo Lombardi
Fashion designer in Ecomoda. Consider himself as a gay and proud it. Friend with Marcela and Patricia.  In the professional field, does not have competence and does not fear to the critics.


David Ramírez (II) - Wilson 'Security Guard'  

Ecomoda's security guard. Nice and innocent man. Good friend with Freddy and "ugly women group".


 Jorge Herrera (II) - Hermes Pinzón Galarza
Betty's father. Very conservatives man. Treat his daughter how to be a real woman. He is very caring person. Always proud with his daughter. He does not know how to improve his quality life, so leaves it to Betty's hand to handle.


Adriana Franco - Julia Solano de Pinzón  

Betty's mother. A good woman and knows to be dressed. She is Betty's main support, but live so many years with Hermes returns so distrustful as him. 


 Kepa Amuchastegui - Roberto Mendoza
Ecomoda's inventor associated with July Valencia. Armando's father. Very kindness person and all workers love and like him so much.


Talú Quintero - Margarita Sáenz de Mendoza  

Armando's mother. She is a high class woman that worships the social causes, although has clear that the classes should not be mixed. She dedicates her life to family.


 Pilar Uribe - María Beatriz Valencia 
Daniel's and Marcela's sister. Goes by the name of Beatriz. Spend almost all her life with every possible kind of plastic surgery. Bubblehead and only cares about clothes and makeup.


Celmira Luzardo (II) - Catalina Angel 

She has a great charisma and elegance.  Dedicated her life with her job after separation with her husband. Ecomoda's PRO.  Have some knowledge about meditation. She is the only one person that changes totally Betty's life.


Other casts :

Cast As
Rubén Óliver Blanco Miguel Robles 
María Claudia Botero Hugo Lombardi`s model #3 
Rosa Margarita Guerrero Hugo Lombardi's Model #2 
Marcela Carrillo Hugo Lombardi's Model
Diego Cadavid  Román 
Patrick Delmas Michell 
Lorena de McAllister Rag Tela's CEO
Angelly Moncayo Karina Larson
Verónica Ocampo Claudia Bosch
Scarlet Ortiz  Alejandra Zingg 
Elías Rima Nassiff  Dr. Contreras
Saúl Santa Efrain 'El Cheque'
Carlos Serrato Olarte
Alberto Valdiri Gordito (Bertha's Husband)
Diego Vivanco Hugo Lombardi's Boyfriend