Roundhouse Bloopers

Notice anything funny? Well, here is where to submit it! Even though the cast members are extremely talented, they still sometimes goof! If you notice that any of these bloopers aren't accurate, please let me know.

*goof #1*
In the School Play episode (season 1), Micki's bracelet or watch falls off during a dance bumper.

*goof #2*
In the School Daze episode (season 1), a book is accidentally left behind during a dance bumper.

*goof #3*
In the Wizard of Oz episode (season 3), Micki's glasses fall off when she plays Tori Spelling.

*goof #4*
In the Prejudice episode (season 3), right before the Segragatordate sketch, it appears that David and Jennifer say their lines in the wrong order.

*goof #5*
In the Jealousy episode (season 3), when Micki is dancing she bangs her nose on the ground and grabs it.

*goof #6*
In the Lying episode (season 3), when Ivan says "Honesty is such a smelly word", Micki, Mark, and Natalie crack up in the background.

*goof #7*
In the Love episode (season 3), Micki says "the love me love me petal-err, flower". Oops!

*goof #8*
In the Self Image episode (season 3), during the 'Hare Club for Men' sketch, John puts the rabbit on his head backwards. A second later, he's wearing it correctly.

*goof #9*
In the Mistakes episode (season 4), Natalie says "Flavorite" instead of "favorite". But it actually makes sense!

*goof #10*
In the Mistakes episode (season 3), Shawn stumbles during "Dead Lobster". She says, "Well is it,...uh,..What if...."

*goof #11*
In the War episode (season 4), Ivan is wearing a hat during the dance sequence. But when the camera angle changes, he's not!

*goof #12*
In the Time Travel episode (season 4), Ivan tries to sit on a lunchbox attached to John's chair, but he ends up tripping over it instead!

*goof #13*
In the War episode (season 4), Alfred slips over while dancing.

*goof #14*
In the War episode (season 4), Micki fumbles while saying, "....and I can run my beeper off the electrical discharge from my own body."

*goof #15*
In the War episode (season 4), after Mark and Ivan are done fighting and they run over to the classroom, after Ivan bangs into a chair he starts scratching his butt or picking his wedgie in front of the camera.

*goof #16*
In the Justice episode (season 4), Micki is running to her position for the final dance and she slips and does a half-way split thing.

*goof #17*
In the New Kid (season 1), during the 1-555-LONELY sketch, during the second time the number is given, when the girls put their hands up, Crystal misses and puts the wrong hand up.

*goof #18*
In the Pets (season 2), when Dad brings Gus out for the first time, Gus's right ear is tucked behind one of the flaps in the dog house. a minute later, his ear is out. Later, when Dad gets in the arguement with Gus, his ear is tucked back in the flap of the dog house.

*goof #19*
In the You Can't Fire Your Family episode (season 1), during a dance bumper Crystal is sitting on the couch on the set but when the camera angle changes she and Alfred are on the floor ready to move the couch for the next scene.

*goof #20*
In the Time Travel Part 1 episode (season 4), Shawn struggles during the "Love My Tarpit" sketch. ('Love my twraarpet....')

*goof #21*
In the Step Families episode (season 2), during the theme song Natalie and Seymour switch places when the camera changes angles.

*goof #22*
In the Times episode (season 1)when Ivan asks Micki to sign his yearbook in the Stampons sketch, she opens the back of his book and stamps in her entry. Ivan opens the front of his book and reads what she wrote.

*goof #23*
In the TV On Trial episode (season 1) John says 'glandfather clock' instead of 'grandfather clock'.

*goof #24*
In the TV On Trial episode (season 1) when John is lipsynching to 'Don't Make Me Give It Up', he messed up on the words 'Brady Bunch'.

*goof #25*
In the New Kid episode (season 1) Crystal stumbles through her lines about the pep rally.

*goof #26*
In the Love episode (season 3) when Ivan and Julene are dancing his shirt is unbuttoned, and then suddenly buttoned.

*goof #27*
In the TV On Trial episode (season 1) during 'TV Head' when Crystal and Julene sing 'with my VCR I even get a replay', Crystal's bun gets in her way and has trouble getting it back ino the cardboard TV set on her head.

*goof #28*
In the School Play episode (season 1) during the Rapper sketch, Crystal gets a little tongue-tied and she says, 'uh, uh...that's the new rapper from BroCo'.

*goof #29*
In the TV On Trial episode (season 1) in the Hull Peanut Butter sketch Micki starts out early on the "Hull" theme song.

Thanks for the bloopers. You know who you are!

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Last edited June 17, 2007

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