Roundhouse Dreams

Deb Karas

Ok. This first dream I had so many years ago I can't recall very much. I was at a taping of Roundhouse (which just by itself makes for a very good dream). Well, after the show finished, the cast members invited people from the audience down to the floor to dance and mingle like the cast does during the credits. Well, the next thing I know, I'm on the road in an area that reminded me of San Francisco, with lots of hills. I'm in a kid's red wagon, with Julene and Lisa behind me. I'm using the handle as a steering wheel and we're going down hills and stopping at lights like regular cars. We catch up to Mark and Ivan in a wagon and we follow them until we reach a building which turns out to be the studio. We drive right through, because apparently there are no doors on the building. The next thing I know I wake up.


(from "V"'s sister in an email to her)--This is the the way she sent it to me. A little background...she's a big nsync fan and she told me that ivan Dudynsky was mentioned as one of their choreographers. It started with you asking me to come with you to go to Orlando to find Ivan. So we drove to Orlando and we went to TransCon's studios. When we got there, they didn't believe you that you only wanted to see Ivan and not nsync, so they wouldn't let you in. Then we snuck around back looking for him, and you saw him thinking about some choreography for some new song nsync was going to release. So we both watch him, and I see nsync, and see they start moving towards Ivan to learn their new dance. Ivan starts to dance and you start to yell out of excitement. We get caught, and you start yelling for Ivan to save you. He didn't hear you, so we get thrown out, lol. THen we find out where he lives and you watch him, and follow him everywhere. Finally I made you go talk to him, and he tells you Roundhouse is coming back. It was so weird. And that's where it ended, and you were jumping up and down. my sister woke me up so I don't know what happened afterwards, lol What do you think?


Two years ago I had an internship at Tapestry films in Beverly Hills, California. I went with my friend David, but in my dream my friends Amberly, Clay, and Adam were there, too. Well, we went to the building next to where we work (no idea why or maybe I forgot why). Lo and behold, Julene's there. It's her agency or something. I was so excited I thought I would explode. I started asking questions, but once again can't recall them or the answers. Eventually she had to go somewhere, and I kept saying, "Hold on! One more!" And I kept on asking 'em as she was going where she was going. I was probably being horribly rude and obnoxious, and pray I wouldn't be like that in real life. I was disappointed I couldn't ask more, but was still thrilled to meet somebody from the show.


Hey, did I ever tell you about the Roundhouse dream I had a while ago? You were in it, but it was pretty hard to picture you since I don't know what you look like. I've seen pics of you on your page, but in each one you look like a different person. Anyway, it was about the Nickelodeon exhibit, except instead of a RH screening, they were doing a live show. So we were walking through the museum looking for the stage. By the time we found it, the show was over, but we did get a chance to meet the cast and talk with them. It was so funny, because I got stuck with Natalie and she talked about nothing for a long time. Meanwhile, you mingled and spoke with everyone else. By the time Natalie was done, everyone else had gone and I was upset I didn't get to talk to them. It was such a weird dream! Anyway, talk to you later!


In this dream I was going to a church to hear Crystal sing. The concert was supposed to start at 12pm. I arrived at 11:50am and saw Crystal rehearsing Elton John's version of "I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues." I was excited, because it's one of my favorite songs. I then realized I was still in my pajamas. I left to change because I knew I could make it back in 10 min. Note: I have no idea what church it was or even what city I was in so I don't know how I knew I could make it back in time. I drove home to discover I couldn't find anything to wear. I was ripping through drawers, throwing clothes and freaking out. I kept looking and looking and I guess I was watching this take place instead of being an actual part of it, because I kept telling myself to hurry up. I got dressed and rushed back. I got there and realized I had to go to the bathroom. In real life I would have held it if it meant I got to hear her sing, but alas, this was a dream. I walk outside to find the bathroom and find myself in some sort of park or zoo. I spend the rest of the dream wandering around the park. Bummer.

Hayley Anykid

Ok, well I was at some kind of party. I think it was a party for Mark David. Everyone from Roundhouse was there, but the only person I saw was Ivan. Ivan was wearing the stuff he wore from the episode, BEAUTY PAGEANT. Everyone was leaving the party in this huge crowd, and I had I squeezed my way through to get to Ivan before I lost him. I told him I was a big fan and he put his hands on my shoulders (indicating that he would autograph my paper after we got out of the crowd). Then he signed my paper and left. After a couple of minutes, I realized that I would never meet him again so I would ask him all the stuff I've always wanted to. I went up to him (he was with Natalie Nucci's brother), and asked him if I could ask him some questions, but he said, "No, I don't want to," and I felt terrible. I called him an asshole (hehe) and he heard me. Then, I felt really bad. I woke up realizing that Ivan couldn't actually be that mean and I smiled. Anyway, that was my dream. And I'm sure you will agree that I'm a freak. But that's ok.


Once again I'm at a taping of Roundhouse, but this time, I'm watching it from the sidelines, on the floor, like a VIP or something. The show is over and a group of VIPs head off to a room for the cast party. We sit on some couches and wait. I look down and realized I was wearing some outfit that I knew the cast would not find cool at all. So I'm sitting and waiting and the cast hasn't come yet. I get up and go to the snack table and get myself some punch. When I come back Lisa and Shawn D. and a bunch of people I don't know are on all of the couches. I stand there looking around, looking for a place to sit, and then I wake up.

Have you ever had a dream about Roundhouse? If you're as addicted as the rest of us, then you probably have. If you would like to share it with us, please email me at:

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