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Who Said It?

Match the quote with the cast member. Each cast member will be used only once. Good luck!

1. "Sorry, kid. I'm a consultant, not a magician."
2. "Chicken should never be eaten with the fingers. The fingers should be eaten separately."
3. "The Man Without A Butt. It's the best movie about a buttless man you'll see this year!"
4. "He was a fifteen year old high school freshman. She was a toddler, barely out of diapers. But every Thanksgiving they had one thing in common. They had to sit at- The Kiddie Table."
5. "Mom, I'm hungry and Dad keeps making me plie (plee-ay)."
6. "So get Hooked On Moronics. You'll still be stupid, but at least your money will still be in good hands."
7. "Be careful you don't pull out your brain, LoserMan!"
8. "Remember, even if you don't get the girl you can always play your own instrument."
9. "Alice isn't here. She's in Wonderland."
10. "I for one know the value of true friendship. All for one, and all for-- later, Losers!"
11. "It's so big, it scares me."
12. "No! I'm not a band geek! What a horrible nightmare."
13. "I'm still hungry, but I now know gun repair."
14. "Men! You can't live with them, and you can't do this sketch without them!"
15. "Twin wrestling siamese midgets, and the woman who loved them. On the next Geraldo."
16. "Yeah, but the fire's cool!"
17. "You got ding dangs, tell me you got ding dangs."
18. "Edible or Deadly would like to ensure you that no berries were hurt in the playing of this game."
19. "So, these two Klingons walk into a bar...."


1. What show does Mom accidently read a description for?
2. How do Mom and Dad decide who plays the Evil Stepmother?
3. What are Cindy's step sister's names?
4. What is the new picture word game?
5. Why is Prince appearing at the mall?
6. What is Waist Watcher's secret to losing weight?"
7. What gum is meant for people who won't stop popping gum?
8. Who are two of the four groups on Solid Mold?
9. What is new second language by Marlon Brando?
10. Who plays the fairy godmother?
11. What does the godmother ask Cindy for from the mall?
12. What does the godmother give Cindy to wear?
13. Who will steal you heart, mind, basically anything of value?
14. What movie does Cindy see at the theater?
15. What credit card is for worrysome people?
16. What was Sally Jesse Raphael's topic on her show?
17. What beverage is for people who are really thirsty?
18. What does the door say when Gary Stella unlocks the door?
19. What are Tic Tacks?
20. What does Prince say when he finds the matching shoe?

You Can't Fire Your Family

1. What did neighbor Seymour ask to borrow from Al?
2. Dad wishes what could be an Olympic sport?
3. The older sister has the same intelligence as what food item?
4. What addition comes with the prize package family?
5. What does the zip code say under the "Dadnet" sign?
6. What is Mom's cliche reply to "Have you seen my baseball glove?"
7. What are four items that come with the Sympathizer?
8. What does Jeff ask the judge for as punishment for his brother?
9. Why does Mom say "Objection!" at the trial?
10. What product does Mom use to pull Jeff's teeth?
11. What product helped Jeff to get his room cleaned?
12. What does Grandma's breath smell like?
13. What does Grandma say to Jennifer's friends at the mall?
14. What is Dad's job?
15. What is the 'Perfect' Dad's occupation?
16. What was the name of the credit card the children went shopping with?
17. What does Sally Blubbers sponsor?
18. Do Joey and Jennifer Anykid miss their family in the end?
19. What moral does Ed McMayonnaise tell Joey and Jennifer?
20. What do Dad's boxers look like?

Individuality (First Date)

1. How does Mikey react to a girl other than his sister?
2. What singer is "unplugged" on Empty V (MTV)?
3. Who made the biggest comeback in entertainment history?
4. What three cast members make up "Cindy Cheevers"?
5. What is the name of the benefit concert?
6. Why can't Phil Collins play in the benefit concert?
7. What cereal has bran, boogers, and sugar?
8. What comic book was Dad reading?
9. Who is the New Dude when Mikey's late to meet his friends?
10. What food store has a cashier who's a real babe-ola?
11. What food gives Mrs. Greenbaum gas?
12. What does P.A.S. stand for?
13. What color are Seymour's pants?
14. Who ends up performing at the benefit concert?
15. According to Mikey and the Dudette, how big is their zit?
16. Where can you go to get a zit-cover-upper?
17. What company can make you self conscious and neurotic in no time at all?
18. The boxing match "date" has a time limit of how many hours?
19. How much does the girl weigh?
What does Mikey want the girl to do about her streak?

Season One (one question from each episode)

1. What is the name of the benefit concert?
2. What product does Barbara Bush endorse?
3. What game show featured guest host Axl Hose?
4. Which soap opera wasn't there a commercial for?
All My Step Children........One Minute To Live..........The Old And The Hopeless.........As The Stomach Churns
5. Which credit card does the "perfect mom" give her new kids?
6. What instrument does "Louis the Geek" play?
7. In "Hellraiser Halloween Chainsaw Massacre on Elm Street 12," which weapon do the kids choose before heading towards the basement?
Hand Grenade.........Chainsaw............Flamethrower.......Flashlight
8. Which telephone company promotes crank calls?
9. Which superhero won't let your cafeteria food be "tender and tasty"?
10. What animal is on the shoes mom bought at the supermarket?
11. What is the name of the hunk Millie has a crush on?
12. What product stops kids from taking a curiosity peek in the shower?
Extra Credit:
Who is the female host of the "Ms. American Universal International I Look Better Than You Pageant"?
What is Smoggy Bear's motto in his fire prevention commercials?