Why Roundhouse Was Such A Special Show

  • It could relate to everyone, from skits like Toddlerworld, to Junior High, to Geriatric Strut and Grandma.
  • Whether you were watching it for the dance, music, songs, humor, or whatever, there was something that anyone could enjoy.
  • There was a moral or lesson in every episode.
  • You could watch it when you were feeling down, like the theme song said, to help cheer you up.
  • Because it was so rude and wonderful, and your parents could hate it!
  • Roundhouse attracted people, especially the younger crowd with its songs and dances. When people would watch the show, they began enjoying the sketches and they were hooked.
  • It put a funny light on subjects that got me down in real life, and made me laugh again.
  • It was a show like no other. It was original and hilarious. The dancing was incredible as well as the singing. It was something everyone can enjoy.
  • The guys are really good looking!
  • I would get so excited I would try to dance with them, and once I even fell and messed up my knee!

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Sandra Remate, Porkchop 19, Kathleen Ludewig, Brandon Fisher, Liz

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