A True Story of Attending a Roundhouse Taping

I am really interested in film and TV and actually want to get into directing as an adult. (I'm 15 now) While in Nevada one summer my step mother said we would either go to Las Vegas, L.A., or some other place.... I said right away L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A.!!!! because I want to go to Hollywood. Well, my step mom and I decided we would drive from Reno to L.A. and stay with friends of hers. We arrived and had a great week planned out.... Our plan for Friday was to see a taping of a TV show. We called the company that gave out the free tickects and they said all that was taping that week was FULL HOUSE, ROUNDHOUSE, or STEP BY STEP. Although I wanted to see a show with a set I thought....it isn't what I really wanted but wouldn't it be great fun to be in the audience of RH. So we reserved tickets and the lady mentioned something about it being a special, but we didnt understand what she meant.

Friday afternoon we drove through the crazy roads of L.A. and Burbank into STUDIO CITY. We saw a few big beige buildings and the first words I saw were ROSEANNE which taped at the same lot. We parked and told the attendent where we were going. We walked right onto the CBS-Studio Center Lot and saw many great Hollywood type things. Outside by a fence there was a LONG line. We were wondering why there was such a hold up! They explained to us that is was the last taping of the last show they would make and that it was over booked because so many starts brought friends and family to the taping!

So, 7:30 it was SUPPOSED to start and I was still outside. We were told we WOULD NOT get in and and to go home---- Very pissed off, I, my step mother, and others yelled but the attendent said he only worked for the ticket company and not RH or the studio. As we were getting our stuff and getting ready to leave they said .... "8-10 more please" They choose the next 8 which included ALL of the people in front of my step mother and I. We started saying...HEY HE SAID 10, WE SHOULD GO TOO! But he said not yet and then some RH start drove onto the lot.... We yelled and told one cast member to sign our ticket....and he did. (I'm REALLY sorry I don't know who he was.) Anyways, THEN a man came out and said "two more" which were me and my step mother (I know it sounds a little dramatic but it's true.) Anyways...we were lead up a hill and passed the studio for SEINFELD and also another studio with no label. We waited outside the big doors with RH painted on them and we could hear the theme music being sung. Then the guy let us in and we sat on steps next to the bleachers where they USUALLY wouldn't sit people... The show went on and great, loud music was played...It was very fun!

They came into the audience and also had some of us go down and tell jokes while the director was talking to one of the actors. They also filmed my section and the director waved the signal to clap which meant it was the film they show when going INTO credits. Then we saw many many people crowd around the actors and smuther make up and hair spray all over them! It was so great. I taped the episode and watch it every once in a while The sound was great, my seats were great and leaving I felt like I loved the show even more...., but it was also sad they were taking it off the air.

That was my experience!

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