Webpage Updates

Check here for recent updates to the webpage that you may have missed!

August 7th, 2002
--added Season One quiz to quiz page

August 5th, 2002
--updated Season 1 lyrics

August 2nd, 2002
--updated Season 1 lyrics

July 30th, 2002
--added quiz.html to main page
--added new quizzes to quiz page
--added answers.html to quiz page

June 27th, 2002
--Micki Duran profile added to cast.html

June 10th, 2002
--deleted the Roundhouse trade

June 7th, 2002
--John Crane and Ivan Dudynsky profile added to cast.html

May 14th, 2002
--updated index.html
--updated deb.html
--removed the contest and quiz Hall of Fame

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