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J.D."Boss" Hogg

Jefferson Davis Hogg runs Hazzard County. He is the county commissioner. He was born on the dirt floor of a sharecropper's shack. He has had a dazzling career ranging from moonshine to political corruption. He's been chased by everything including revenuers, blood hounds, and even irate husbands. When it came to basic cunning ol' Boss was plum eat up with it. He runs the county, so of course he runs Rosco. He and Jesse used to run shine together back in the days of the Ridge Runners. Now he has turned on the Ridge Runners and outlawed shine in Hazzard, except for his still of course.He has an intense loathing for the Duke family and does everything he can to get rid of them. He is married to Rosco's fat sister LuLu. He runs everything in Hazzard and if you need anything in corrupted, go to him.

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