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Jarod -- a man like no other. Some call him "The Pretender" because of his amazing ability to assimilate any identity, to become a human chameleon. How does he do it? For one, he has a genious IQ that's off the charts. He also has The Centre to thank, a mysterious place that took him away as a boy and kept him in isolation while they trained him for this ability. He did what he thought were simulations for "clients", figuring out things like who actually killed JFK. Sydney was the main person behind this training, a psychologist with Jarod since his childhood. When Jarod found out that most of the things he was doing were misdeeds, like organizing military coups and plotting terrorist strikes, he escaped from the Centre headed on a journey to right the things he felt he wronged.
Every week, Jarod finds himself in a new job, pretending to be things like a tanker captain, an airline pilot, a bomb squad member, a race car driver, and, yes, even a surgeon. Even with his genious, though, Jarod had only seen the world though books while in isolation, so in many ways he is still like a child, fascinated by things like ice cream and pez. Sydney helps Jarod whenever he can in locating his mother, Miss Parker just wants to capture him and learn the secrets he has uncovered about her past, and some, like Mr. Raines, want him dead.

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Michael T. Weiss Andrea Parker Patrick Bachau
Jarod Miss Parker Sydney

other regular characters

John Gries - Broots
Richard Marcus - Mr. Raines
Harve Presnell - Mr. Parker
Jamie Denton - Mr. Lyle
Paul Dillon - Angelo
Pamela Gidley - Brigitte
Alex Wexo - young Sydney
Ryan Merriman - young Jarod
Ashley Peldon - young Miss Parker

Air Time: Saturdays (9-10 PM Eastern/8-9 Central) on NBC

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