In July 1997 The Ultimate Hanson Fan Club held a Hanson story contest. These were the rules:
1. Your story MUST be original.
2. It's must be more than 200 words.
3. You can only enter ONCE.
4. Incorrect spelling won't deduct points from your entry.
5. Please refrain from using too much conversation.
6. The closing date is midnight, August 23rd.
7. You must have the following in your story...

It was a cold,winters night in Tulsa. When I suddenly saw ________ Hanson.
On the part where it says _______ just put your favourite Hanson's name.

And that was all. I had to add the rest. And so I entered. Turned out I won, so now I would like to share it with everyone. Enjoy!
This is not the only Hanson story I got, I mean, me and my best friend got 1 going and it's over 500 pages long already (we've been writing since January '98) but no one would even wanna read that (they'd fall asleep at their computer!!! :D) BTW, Hi Leslie!!! :D OK, so now I present my *short* Hanson story...

It was a cold, winter's night in Tulsa. When I suddenly saw Taylor Hanson. Well, it wasn't really him...just a picture. He was wearing a long-sleeved dark blue shirt and black pants. It was a poster advertising a Hanson concert later tonight. I was planning on going with my two best friends, Kalle and Naomi. I was so excited about going! I couldn't even think straight. a Hanson concert? It couldn't be! They were performing for their hometown for the first time since they had become great big stars.
"Margie, stop staring at that poster and come on!" called Mom as she grabbed me by the hand and pulled me away. "But Mom, it's Hanson!" I cried.
"I know who it is. Now come on, let's go!" she answered impatiently.
I sighed and followed. She just doesn't understand me sometimes.

We got home and had dinner. Not, that I could concentrate on my food or anything. Afterwards, I ran upstairs to my room. I loved my room. Probably because of what was in it. I had Hanson posters all over the back wall and all over my dresser and my door. I exhaled and imagined what it would be like to meet Taylor. I would go up to him, my head held up high. He would take me in his arms and... "Margie, get dressed!" Dad called from the hallway. "We gotta get moving if we want to get there." Yeah, meeting at least ONE of the brothers would be dope.
"Right!" I replied and started looking for the perfect outfit. I decided on a ribbed red sweater and jeans because red was Taylor's favorite color. After putting my hair up in a half ponytail I was ready. "Are we going yet?"
"Yes. Come on," Dad answered.
I went downstairs and put on my jacket. I also checked to make sure I had my favorite Hanson picture with me in my pocket. It had always brought me luck when I needed it.
Then Dad drove me down to where Hanson was performing. Naomi said she was going to get the three of us tickets at $15 each. I squeezed my money in my trembling hand.

Finally we were there. There were hundreds of cars there. I could barely see the front entrance.
"Are you sure you're going to be alright all alone?" asked Dad, worried.
"Yes!" I replied. "See you at 10:00!" I waved and slammed the door. Then I ran over to find Naomi and Kalle. I saw them standing by the large column, where we had decided to meet. They looked sad.
"What's wrong!?" I asked.
"Uh..." Kalle bit her lip and looked over at Naomi. "You tell 'er."
"Margie, listen...uhm...well, my mother made me bring my stupid brother, Richie, and I don't have an extra ticket. I'm sorry," she looked down.
"Well, can't I get one at the door!?" I asked.
Kalle shook her head. "They're all sold out... Sorry."
Suddenly, my world fell apart. I could feel my eyes tear up. My chest tightened and I could barely breathe. My face got all red and I started sobbing. Kalle and Naomi put their arms around me.
"We gotta go now," said Naomi. "Sorry..."
Then they just walked off. It seemed so heartless. But I guess there was nothing they could do. Maybe it was jealousy, but for a strange reason I blamed it all on them.
All the other people walked in. I was standing outside, all alone, in the cold. The doorman looked up at me and said, "Do you want to come in? It's freezing out here."
"I don't have a ticket," I told him.
"You can still come in and warm up," he answered and opened the door. I walked in and said, "Thank you."
Inside was a large desk with some guy sitting at it. There was another pair of doors that were locked. I could here loud chants of "We want Hanson!" coming from the inside. It sounded like so much fun! Oh, what I would do just to spend a minute there! I went up to the door and pressed myself against it. The guy at the desk looked at me. "Can I...take a peek?" I asked. He shook his head no.

All of a sudden, there was a roar of screams and I figured Hanson hit the stage. I was right. The asked the audience how they were feeling. "Horrible, " I said out loud.
"Pardon?" the guy asked.
Hanson started singing moments later. They sang "Madeline." I started sobbing again because that was my favorite Hanson song.
I didn't want anyone to see me like this, so I walked down a dark hall and sat down by the wall. I could hear Zac drumming, but could barely make out the boys' voices. Suddenly, I could not hold the tears back any more and I started bawling. I cried during their whole 6-song set. At times I looked up. I tired to see what was going on, but the tears blurred my vision.

Then it seemed like the show ended because people started leaving. I checked my watch. It wasn't even 9:15. My Dad wasn't coming for another 45 minutes.
Little by little it started to quiet down and the crowd was gone. But I didn't feel like getting up and finding a phone to call my dad just yet. Neither did I want to look for Kalle and Naomi. I did not need any of their pity, or worse, cries of "This is the BEST day of my life! It was sooo cool!"
The thought that the I had missed out on one of the greatest opportunities of my life made me shiver. There was a lot of resentment towards Kalle and, even more, Naomi. How could this have happened!? I thought they were my friends! But it wasn't their fault...was it? Maybe they didn't want me to go with them. Now, that's a stupid thought. Of course not! My face was all wet, my eyes were red, and still I could not stop crying. Even when I had heard voices at the other end of the hall.

"Are you OK?" someone called out.
"Yeah..." I replied, my face buried in my lap.
"Are you sure?" the same voice asked.
Just then I stopped to think. Where had I heard that voice before? It sounded very soulful and raspy...very familiar. I looked up to see who I was talking to. A sight more beautiful than I had ever seen was before me. I blinked to make sure I wasn't just dreaming. No, it was true. I was looking at Taylor Hanson.
"Oh my god..." I murmured. "It's you." He didn't answer. "It's really you."
"Let me help you up," he said and held out his hand. Taylor Hanson held out his hand to me! I am going to die...
I took it and he pulled me up. His grip was firm, but gentle. "Thanks."
"No prob," he shrugged. "Now is everything alright?"
"Everything's fine," I nodded without taking my eyes off him. He blushed. "Sorry. I didn't mean to stare."
"It's OK," he answered, adding quietly, "at least you're not screaming."
"I just wanna say I am your BIGGEST fan!" I told him.
"Glad you like the band," was Taylor's response.
"I got you-guys' CD the day it came out. I love "MMMBop!" But "Madeline" is my favorite song," I babbled on. "C-could I maybe get your autograph!?"
"Sure," he said. "Now let's go find Isaac and Zac."

I followed Taylor down the hall. I was actually going to meet Zac and Isaac Hanson! Taylor walked into a room and I almost fainted. There stood the whole Hanson family. Isaac, Zac, their two little sisters, their mom and dad, little Mackie, and Zoe in Diana's arms. The girls were smiling shyly and Mackie looked tired (Zoe was already asleep.) A few other men stood by. I figured they were Hanson's manager and bodyguard and back-up musicians. "This is..." Taylor started.
"Margie, Margie Maidel," I said.
Taylor introduced me to everyone. I shook their hands, even Mac's. He was such a cutie!
"Were you crying, dear?" Diana noted.
"Oh no, I'm fine," I said.

Then the boys signed the picture I brought with me in my pocket. (I was SO glad I had brought it!) While they were doing that I had checked my watch again and realized my Dad would be coming any minute. And as much as I hated to leave them, I had to. It was not fair to keep him waiting, or the Hansons for that matter. After all, I'm sure they had things to do also. "Thank you sooooo much. But, uh, I gotta go now."
"Yeah, us too," said Diana. "It is way past Mackie's bed time."
I smiled. Inside, on the other hand, my heart was breaking. Oh, how I didn't want to leave this place. "Bye everyone!"
"Bye, Margie," they replied.
"I love you, man!" Zac added in his funny little voice. I turned around to look at the little fella, ready to run up to him with a bear hug. After a moment I waved and walked down the hall. As I thought, Dad was waiting for me by the front entrance. I climbed into the passenger seat beside him.
"Did you have a good time, honey?" he asked.
"The BEST!" I grinned. Isn't it funny how everything always seems to work out just right?

So what do you think? Should I add anything else? Is it too dumb to even be on-line? Or did it touch you right in there...? j/k Please e-mail me and tell me what you think. If I get a message I really like, I'll probably put it up here.

And here's a special treat...

Here is a really adorable Hanson poem written by Christy. I think it really describes the way most Hanson fans feel about the band. If you’d like your poem(s) or Hanson artwork on my page, e-mail me.

I see you in a dream like the angels you are.
I feel so close, yet so far.
I wish I knew you better than fan and superstar.
If I ever met you I know I'd make you remember me
Even though I'm nothing near the pretty ones you like to see.
You don't know how much you've done.
My life was no-good and now it's fun
I just hope someday I can thank you
For everything you do.
Just in one day
I can depend on you to stay.
I just can't thank you enough
For just coming this way.
I love you Ike, Zac, and Tay,
Because you've helped me in every way.

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