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Before I begin, I will just say that this page is just a part of my whole website, and it is not striving to be the best with the most MOV's and Simpsons facts. This page is here for me to let the world know about my favorite TV show. So if you stay and see it, cool, and if you even think it's a good page, then I'll be even happier because I might've brought a little tiny piece of joy into your life, if only for 5 minutes. (BTW, feel free to e-mail me and tell me about the joy I brought you :-) *hint, hint*) So that's my speech. Now, enjoy!
This part of my homepage is dedicated to the best animated television show in the world -- The Simpsons! The Simpsons consist of 5 main characters -- Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie Simpson. It is a cartoon about an average (read: dysfunctional) American family and runs on FOX on Sunday nights (8:00 est, 7:00 central). Other characters include Abe "Grandpa" Simpson, Krusty the Clown, Apu, Patty and Selma Bouvier, Ned Flanders, Milhouse VanHoutten, Reverend Lovejoy, Principal Skinner, Moe the bartender, Police Chief Wiggum, Edna Krebbapel, Mr. Montgomery Burns, Wayland Smithers, and lots of other looney citizens of the town of Springfield. Its irony and inside jokes (many of which I even miss) keeps viewers coming back for more season after season. The show is developed by Matt Groening (pronounced Gray-ning,) James L. Brooks ("As Good as it Gets",) and Sam Simon. The show's debut was on April 19, 1987 on the Tracey Ullman Show. It got it's own spot on TV on December 17, 1990. The show is so popular that it is the longest-running cartoon--over 200 episodes!!! I enjoy the show very much and hope all of you do too. I don't have a favorite character. But if I had to pick one, it would surely be Homer. He's so stupid that it's funny.

These are *most* of the characters from the show:

These are the characters from the show

Parody of "Do Re Mi" song from "The Sound of Music"

DOUGH... the stuff that buys me beer
RAY..... the guy that sells me beer
ME...... the one who drinks the beer
FAR..... a long run to get beer
SO...... I'll have another beer
LA...... I'll have another beer
TEA..... no, thanks, I'm drinking beer
That will bring us back to DOUGH.

What Bart writes on the BoardWhat up, Springfield??

Wanna see some pictures of the Simpson house (the REAL Simpson house)? Click on a link below:

The Exterior of the house] [The Simpsons' Kitchen] [Matt Groening in Lisa's Room] [Maggie's Bedroom] [The floorplan for the 1st floor of the house] [The floorplan for the 2nd floor of the house

Thanks to the Las Vegas Sun for the these images.

The rest of this information was taken from "Bart Simpson's Guide to Life".

This is Bart and Lisa's Top 10 reconceived notions about boys and girls:

Girls Boys
1. They smell like fruity chewing gum. They reek of corn nuts and sweat.
2. They never wanna play rough. They always wanna play rough.
3. Their stupid, girlish, behind-your-back rudeness. Their dumb, macho, in-your-face rudeness.
4. Their brainless giggling. Their idiotic guffawing.
5. They sling mud about each other. They hurl dirt clods at each other.
6. They act so smart just to get attention. They act real dumb just to get attention.
7. They say things just to see what effect it has upon impact. They throw things just to see what effect it had upon impact.
8. They never stop combing their hair. They never comb their hair.
9. They are sooo cruel. They are sooo mean.
10. We have nothing in common with one another. We have nothing in common with one another.

These are lies your parents tell you:

Check out these annoying questions to ask your teacher:

Read these annoying questions to ask your Sunday School teacher:...And STAY there!

Heaven VS. Hell: Which is Better?

Heaven Hell
Angelic Choirs Heavy Metal Bands
Get to see Grandma again Never have to see Grandma again
All God's Fuzzy little Creatures Itchy and Scratchy
Dr. Seuss Dr. Frankenstein
Peace and Quiet Screeching Bagpipes
One Big No-Smoking section Humongous, towering walls of Flames
Celestial Visions Made-for-TV Movies
The Natural order of all Things Deregulation
Fluffy Clouds Jet Black Shrouds
Eternal Bliss Endless drum solos
Milk and Honey Fire and Brimstone
Rosy-cheeked Cherubs Tatooed Biker Chicks
Winnie-the-Pooh Attila the Hun
The Harmonious gathering of all Races and Creeds Festival seating

Bart Simpson's Weird Mysteries of the Universe even I can't Explain

Bartholomew J. (for "Junior Bonehead") Simpson presents HOMER SIMPSON'SHoW cOmE zIt ?

How come you can't drive golf carts on the freeway? How come women don't realize that baldness is sexy? How come stamp glue tastes so magically delicious?
How come they call it "winter wonderland" when there's just a bunch of freezing snow and ice all over the place? How come they don't make a perfume that smells like dough frying? How come they don't have super comfy soft vibrating couches at bowling alleys so you can lie down when you're waiting for your next turn?
How come the guy who invented the hammock isn't considered to be the greatset genius who ever lived? How come Marge leaves that baking soda box open in the back of the refrigerator, and when I try to eat it, it tastes really funny? How come corndogs are so magically delicious?
How come they don't serve the second greatest beverage -- I'm referring, of course, to eggnog -- all year long? How come I'm cursed with a son who is always plotting against me no matter how often I let him polish my bowling trophies? How come someone with as little hair as me has so much head lice?
How come I sweat when I eat? How come people say that TV is a dull and stupefying waste of time with no real benefit to humanity when there's so much fine entartainment on 24 hours a day? How come two wrongs don't make a right, no matter how hard I try?
How come you have to buy the entire snow-cone when all you really want is the sweet, sweet, syrup flavoring? How come cats think they're so smart with their fancy footwork and their crafty schemes to eat all my smelts? How come there is really only one thingin the universe that's interesting and that's food?


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