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I'm big into organizing things and making lists, so it's basically an indulgent page for me, but I figure maybe someone will be interested... May I present to you the following top 13 lists (and the reason it is 13 is because I feel bad for underused numbers and refuse to follow the 'top 10' trend...besides, this way I can include more entries :-p):

favorite cities
favorite tv shows
favorite "simpsons" characters
favorite hanson songs
favorite sports
favorite coldplay songs

Top 13 Cities*
to be rescored in the next few months as i adjust for my travels in australia and new zealand

1. Denver, USA
2. Milwaukee, USA
3. Kiev, Ukraine
4. Stillwater, USA
5. Vienna, Austria
6. Minneapolis, USA
7. Jaffa, Israel
8. Amsterdam, the Netherlands
9. Odessa, Ukraine
10. Zurich, Switzerland
11. Prague, Czech Republic
12. Montreal, Canada
13. Boston, USA

The other cities that I could not fit on to this list due to lack of space (but, hey, I’m still proud that I’ve been to so many places) are Tel-Aviv, Israel, Newark, NJ, Colorado Springs, CO, Jerusalem, Israel, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, Akko, Israel.  I have also been to Moscow, Russia, Cleveland, OH, Madison, WI, Nashville, TN, Chicago, IL, Duluth, MN, Salem, MA, Shannon, Ireland, Atlanta, Georgia, and Burgess, Bulgaria, but those are not really my favorite cities.  Some day I would like to visit the countries of Iceland, Australia, Italy, Cyprus, Japan, Monaco, and more.

* cities that I have visited myself

Top 13 TV Programs*

1. "Whose Line is it Anyway?" (ABC)
2. "The Simpsons" (FOX)
3. "Mad About You" (NBC)
4. "The X-Files" (FOX)
5. "That ‘70s Show" (FOX)
6. "Family Guy" (FOX)
7. "Making the Video" (MTV)
8. "Friends" (NBC)
9. "Big Brother" (CBS)
10. "Days of Our Lives" (NBC)
11. "American High" (FOX)
12. "Felicity" (WB)
13. "Young Americans" (WB)

* currently on air in some form; US programs

Top 13 Simpsons Characters*

1. Homer Simpson
2. Hans Moleman
3. Jasper
4. Bart Simpson
5. Abe "Grandpa" Simpson
6. Apu Nepata...something?
7. Fatso Man (li’l help?)
8. Maggie Simpson
9. Ned Flanders
10. Lisa Simpson
11. Chief Wiggum
12. Lenny
13. Wayland Smithers

* does not include guests or any other temporary characters

Top 13 Hanson Songs

1. "Runaway Run"
2. "Weird"
3. "I Will Come To You"
4. "Christmas Time"
5. "You Never Know"
6. "River"
7. "(X-mas) Baby Please Come Home"
8. (Live) "With You in Your Dreams"
9. "If Only"
10. (Live) "Man from Milwaukee"
11. "Wish that I was there"
12. (Live) "MMMBop"
13. "Yearbook"

Honorary mention goes to: “Can’t Stop”, “Soldier,” “Save Me,” “What Christmas Means to Me,” “Smile,” and “Lucy.”

Top 13 Sports*

1. Figure skating
2. Diving
3. Artistic Gymnastics
4. Badminton
5. Cross-country skiing
6. Bowling
7. Archery
8. Golf
9. Rhythmic Gymnastics
10. Rock-climbing
11. Synchronized Swimming
12. Tennis
13. Soccer

* ones that I've tried

Top 13 Coldplay Songs

1. "Trouble"
2. "In My Place"
3. "Warning Sign"
4. "Shiver"
5. "The Scientist"
6. "Everything's Not Lost"
7. "Yellow"
8. "Green Eyes"
9. "We Never Change"
10. "God Put A Smile Upon Your Face"
11. "Clocks"
12. "A Rush of Blood to the Head"
13. "Amsterdam"

The funny thing is, I acquired both Coldplay albums through a friend without any track listings so I didn't know a lot of the song names until I had to look them up for this. Doesn't make them any less good, though. :)

photograph taken by A. Mikhailenko (06/00)