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The above # is visitors since Oct. 19, 1997.

This show from the minds of Mike Judge and Greg Daniels currently follows "The Simpsons" (Sunday, 7:30 p.m. EST) and usually gets very high ratings. It's now ending its fourth season.

The most overlooked comedy on TV


(thanks in part to USA Today)
Hank Hill - This 6-foot-2 former high school football player now makes an honest living selling "propane and propane accessories".

Peggy Hill - Hank's wife has unusually large feet, is a Boggle tournament champion, a substitute teacher and a notary public.

Bobby Hill - Hank and Peggy's 12-year-old is a Boy Scout and plays Little League, but he shows little interest in either activity.

Luanne - The Hills' attractive niece lives with them while her parents get out of legal trouble. She's a C student at the local beauty academy.

Dale and Nancy Gribble - Next-door neighbor Dale is obsessed with conspiracy theories but is the only person in town who doesn't realize that his wife is cheating on him.

Bill Dauterive - Army sergeant Bill has been unshaven and beer-bellied since his wife divorced him.

Boomhauer - A ladies' man who works in a barbed-wire factory, his Texas drawl is utterly incomprehensible.

Kahn (last name indecipherable) - Hank's other next door neighbor from Laos. Completely misunderstood by everyone in Arlen, and has quite an attitude. Lives with wife Mihn and daughter Kahn, Jr. (Connie). Don't try pronouncing his last name. He "don't got all damn day."


First Season

KH-101 Pilot (1/12/97)
KH-102 Square Peg (1/19/97)
KH-103 The Order of the Straight Arrow (2/2/97)
KH-104 Luanne's Saga (2/16/97)
KH-105 Hank's Got the Willies (2/9/97)
KH-106 Westie Side Story (3/2/97)
KH-107 Hank's Unmentionable Problem (2/23/97)
KH-108 Shins of the Father (3/23/97)
KH-109 Peggy the Boggle Champ (4/13/97)
KH-110 Keeping Up with Our Joneses (4/13/97)
KH-111 Plastic White Female (5/11/97)
KH-112 The Company Man (12/7/97)
KH-113 King of the Ant Hill (5/4/97)

Second Season

KH-201 How to Fire A Rifle Without Really Trying (9/21/97)
KH-202 Texas City Twister (9/28/97)
KH-203 Jumpin' Crack Bass (11/2/97)
KH-204 Arrow Head (10/19/97)
KH-205 Husky Bobby (11/9/97)
KH-206 Hilloween (10/26/97)
KH-207 The Man Who Shot Cane Skretteburg (11/16/97)
KH-208 The Son That Got Away (11/23/97)
KH-209 The Unbearable Blindness of Laying (12/21/97)
KH-210 Bobby Slam (12/14/97)
KH-211 Snow Job (2/1/98)
KH-212 Meet the Manger Babies (1/11/98)
KH-213 I Remember Mono (2/8/98)
KH-214 Traffic Jam(2/22/98)
KH-215 Three Days of the Khando (2/15/98)
KH-216 Hank's Dirty Laundry(3/1/98)
KH-217 The Final Shinsult (3/15/98)
KH-218 Leanne's Saga (4/19/98)
KH-219 Junkie Business (4/26/98)
KH-221 Life in the Fast Lane (5/3/98)
KH-222 Peggy's Turtle Song (5/10/98)
KH-223 Propane Boom (5/17/98)

Third Season

KH-301 Propane Boom Conclusion (9/15/98)
KH-302 And They Call it Bobby Love (9/22/98)
KH-303 Peggy's Headache (10/6/98)
KH-304 Good Hill Hunting (12/1/98)
KH-305 Pregnant Paws (10/13/98)
KH-306 Next of Shin (11/3/98)
KH-307 Peggy's Pageant Fever (11/10/98)
KH-308 Nine Pretty Darn Angry Men (11/17/98)
KH-309 Firefighting We Will Go (1/12/99)
KH-310 Pretty Pretty Dresses (12/15/98)
KH-311 To Spank With Love (1/19/99)
KH-312 Three Coaches & A Bobby (1/26/99)
KH-313 De-Kahnstructing Henry (2/2/99)
KH-314 The Wedding of Bobby Hill (2/9/99)
KH-315 Sleight of Hank (2/16/99)
KH-316 Return to LaGrunta (2/23/99)
KH-317 Escape from Party Island (3/16/99)
KH-318 Love Hurts...and So Does Art (3/23/99)
KH-319 Hank's Cowboy Movie (4/6/99)
KH-320 Dog Dale Afternoon (4/13/99)
KH-321 Revenge of the Lutefisk (4/20/99)
KH-322 Death and Texas (4/27/99)
KH-323 Wings of a Dope (5/4/99)
KH-324 Take Me Out of the Ballgame (5/11/99)
KH-325 As Old as the Hills (5/18/99)

Fourth Season

KH-401 Peggy Hill: The Decline and Fall (9/26/99)
KH-402 Cotton's Plot (10/3/99)
KH-403 Bills are Made to be Broken (10/24/99)
KH-404 Little Horrors of Shop (10/31/99)
KH-405 Aisle 8A (11/7/99)
KH-406 A Beer Can Named Desire (11/14/99)
KH-407 Happy Hank's Giving (11/21/99)
KH-408 Not in My Back-Hoe (11/28/99)
KH-409 To Kill a Ladybird (12/12/99)
KH-410 Whack-a-Mole (12/19/99)
KH-411 Old Glory (1/9/00)
KH-412 Rodeo Days (1/16/00)
KH-413 Hanky Panky (2/6/00)
KH-414 High Anxiety (2/13/00)
KH-415 Naked Ambition (2/20/00)
KH-416 Movin' On Up (2/27/00)
KH-417 Bill of Sales (3/12/00)
KH-418 Won't You Pimai Neighbor (3/19/00)
KH-419 Hank's Bad Hair Day (4/9/00)
KH-420 Meet the Propaniacs (4/16/00)
KH-421 Nancy's Boys (4/30/00)
KH-422 Flush with Power (5/7/00)
KH-423 Peggy's Magic Sex Feet (5/14/00)
KH-424 Peggy's Fan Fair (5/21/00)

Fifth Season

KH-501 Perils of Polling (10/1/00)
KH-502 The Buck Stops Here (11/5/00)
KH-503 I Don't Want to Wait... (11/12/00)
KH-504 Spin the Choice (11/19/00)
KH-505 Peggy Makes the Big Leagues (11/26/00)
KH-506 When Cotton Comes Marching Home (12/3/00)
KH-507 What Makes Bobby Run (12/10/00)
KH-508 Twas the Nut Before Christmas (12/17/00)
KH-509 The Exterminator (1/14/01) KH-510 Chasing Bobby (1/21/01)
KH-511 Yankee Hankee (2/4/01)
KH-512 Hank and the Great Glass Elevator (2/11/01)
KH-513 Now Who's the Dummy? (2/18/01)
KH-514 Ho Yeah! (2/25/01)
KH-515 Luanne Virgin 2.0 (3/11/01)
KH-516 Hank's Choice (4/1/01)
KH-517 It's Not Easy Being Green (4/8/01)
KH-518 The Trouble With Gribbles (4/22/01)
KH-519 Hank's Back Story (5/6/01)
KH-520 Kidney Boy And Hamster Girl: A Love Story (5/13/01)
KH-521 Lupe's Revenge (Unaired)


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