A Personal Shrine to the Animated Series "Dungeons & Dragons"

Dungeons and Dragons is one of the better Saturday morning series to ever come down the pike. Who would have guessed it from a series voiced by Willie Aames and Donny Most?

Actually, that sounds like a base canard and insult against Aames and Most. Look to the Characters page for an apology.

The Premise

Six young people (ages about 10 to 18) get on an amusement park ride named (what else) Dungeons and Dragons. Once the ride is in motion, however, they are catapulted into a whole new reality--not to mention new roles. As such, they follow the suggestions (they're too vague and mystical to be called orders) by the Dungeonmaster, a benevolent little wizard, while trying to find the way back home. To this end, they each get magical weapons, which the villain of the piece, Venger, keeps trying to get, in order to gain power over Dungeonmaster and the whole realm.

(For a fascinating look at what the series premise might have been, check out Lesley Hickman's page. There is a link on the Links page.)

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