I apolagize, but due to low disk space at the time, this feature to the Phyllis page will no longer be available. In the future, if I can get more disk space, this feature will be up and running again! The words are listed below for your refrence. If you'd like a wav of the Phyllis theme, you may e-mail me and I will send you one.
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"Phyllis Theme"
1975, MTM Enterprises

"Who makes the fog surrounding the Golden Gate simply disappear?
Phyllis, Phyllis
Who makes the warning bells on the cable cars play "The Gang's All Here"?
Phyllis, Phyllis
Who charms the crabs of Fisherman's Warf right our of their shells?
Who lights the lamps of Chinatown just by walking in view?
Phyllis, Phyllis, Phylllis,
It sure isn't you!"