Zany Phyllis Trivia!

Welcome to the Phyllis Trivia Challenge! Answer the following questions the best you can, when you're all finiahed, press "Submit Query" to send your answers, or "Clear" to erase all of your answers.
Part 1- Fill in the blank

1. Name Lars's mother

2. Name Lars's wife

3. What profession is Johnathon in?

4. Who is Phyllis's boss at her second job in San Francisco?

5. Who works next to Phyllis in the job above?

6. Bess gets married to who's nephew?

7. Who plays Leo?

8. What instrument does Bess's husband play?

9. Why does Phyllis move to San Francisco?

10. Who tries to kill himself/herself in one episode?

Part 2- True or False?
Click on the down arrow for each question. Click on "true" if the answer is true, and "false" if the answer is false.
1. Johnathon's mother gets re-married in her eighties.

2. Erskins is Phyllis's first job in San Francisco.

3. Erskins is a shop that makes cameras.

4. Erskins goes out of business.

5. Barbara Colby plays the first Julie.

6. Mother Dexter is in her nineties.

7. Harriet's Boss is Dan Valenti.

8. Harriet has an attraction to Leonard in one episode.

9. Harriet has no place to go on Christmas, and is not permitted to go to the office party.

10. Lars is played by Fernando Lamas

Part3- Multiple Choice
Click on the down arrow and choose the answer that best answers each question.
1. When Bess first marries, her husband and her live in a __________________.

2. Bess goes to __________________ on her honneymoon.

3. Phyllis was on the air from _______________ to __________________.

That's it! You're done! Now, press "Submit Query" to submit your answers. I'll be listing all scores at the bottom of this page as they come in! Hope you enjoyed this!

1. 22/23

2. Scott Allen Tucker- 23/23