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Frank Grimes...

Homer's Enemy!

Welcome to our page about Frank Grimes. As you look through the biography, be sure not to miss links to various frame grabs of the scene in question.

Frank Grimes was a 35 year old Springfieldite who earned everything the hard way. Abandoned by his parents at age 4, Frank spent his childhood years as a delivery boy, delivering toys to more fortunate children. On his 18th birthday, he was tragically blown up in a silo explosion.

Featured On:
Kent's People.

Science by mail.

A correspondence school diploma in Nuclear Physics with a minor in determination.

Was Replaced By:
A heroic dog for the job of executive vice president at the powerplant.


Personal Possessions Include:
Pencils with his name on them, like a pencil company executive.
A special dietetic lunch in a clearly marked bag.

Thinks Homer Eats Like:
A pig...well, some kind of farm animal anyway.

Has Seen:
Homer asleep inside a radiation suit.

Has Never Seen:
Homer do any work around the plant.

Mind Boggled By The Fact:
That Homer is in charge of safety at the plant.

Saved Homer's Life By:
Stopping him from drinking a beaker full of sulfuric acid.

Blamed For:
Destroying Mr. Burns's valuable wall and priceless acid.

Jealous Of:
Homer's "palace,"
Pictures with Gerald Ford, the Smashing Pumpkins, and trip in outer space,
Grammy Award,
Homer's son who owns a factory and his beautiful wife, and
Lobster dinner.

Accidents have doubled every year since Homer became safety inspector.

Would Die A Happy Man If:
He could prove that Homer has the intelligence of a six year old.

He Can Be Lazy By:
Mooning employees
Eating like a slob.
Peeing on the seat.
Not washing his hands after going to the bathroom.
Not working because someone else will do it for him.
Not using safety gloves.

Rev. Lovejoy's Speech At Grimey's Funeral:
Frank Grimes, or Grimey as he liked to be called, taught us that a man can triumph over adversity. And even though Frank's agonizing struggle through life was tragically cut short, I'm sure he's looking down at us right now.

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