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Steve and Dervla


There are a couple of very good interviews with Dervla featured in the Irish Times:

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My Dervla Kirwan Biography

NAME: Dervla Kirwan (Dervla being an Irish name meaning 'Daughter of the Poet' or 'True Desire' depending on which variation you read)
DATE OF BIRTH: 24th October 1971
PLACE: Churchtown, Co. Dublin, Ireland
LIVES: West London. Having moved pout of the home she shared with Stephen Tompkinson, she now lives alone.
MARITAL STATUS: Has recently broken off engagement to fellow Ballykissangel actor Stephen Tompkinson due to pressures of work. They started seeing each other in September 1995 after completing filming of the first series. Stephen proposed in Neary's Bar, Dublin in July 1997. Has recewntly been seeing 'Kiss Me Kate' actor Darren Boyd whom she met in December 1999.
CAR: Convertible Volkswagen Beetle, a Christmas present from Steve, 1997

PARENTS: Mother, French and Latin Teacher. Father,Insurance Broker,
SIBLINGS: Two older sisters, Blanaid and Paula. One is an Auctioneer, the other is a Biochemist
HAIR: Fluctuates between red and black, taking in various browns
EYES: Brown
HEIGHT: 5' 4"
HEALTH: Currently enjoying a new found fitness as, on Dec 29th last year, she made a resolution to get back into the gym. Weight-wise, she now 8 and a half stone, although her normal weight is around 9st 2lbs and she confesses to having been 10 stone at one point! (Isn't life a bitch!!!) She says that she is not naturally skinny, but she does watch what she eats, insisting that her love of KitKats is separating her from a sainthood! She enjoys working out, feeling better in herself when she makes the effort
SCHOOL: Convent school outside Dublin
BIG BREAK: `A Time To Dance' 1991
INTERESTS: Running, computers, travel, theatre, cinema, ballet, working out and playing piano. Also a keen writer - she has kept a diary of all her experiences since she was 17 and jokes that one day, she will publish them under a pseudonym!
AWARDS: Best actress, National TV Awards 1996
Best Irish Entertainer, Irish Post Awards 1997
MISC. INFO: Has signed up to make a series of adverts for BT. Five have been shown to date. Was eligible to vote in England for the first time in 1997 and voted Labour. She apparently plays the piano, saxophone, clarinet, violin, guitar and hopes to take up the flute as it is 'more portable'. Has just taken up smoking again after having given up for 2 years. A reliable source informs me that she is now back to her 60 a day habit (tsk, tsk!). She freely admits to liking her cigarettes. "It's like having a long-lost lover at the end of your fingers"!

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Summer 1998 The Best of Irish Poetry Reader - CD/Cassette only

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