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Steve and Dervla

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NAME: Stephen Philip Tompkinson
DATE OF BIRTH 15th October 1965
PLACE: Stockton-On-Tees, Cleveland
LIVES: West Sussex
MARITAL STATUS: Divorced from radio producer, Celia in 1996 after being separated for four years. Has recently broken off engagement to fellow Ballykissangel actress Dervla Kirwan whom he first met in 1994. They became involved in September 1995 after filming the first series of BallyK. They became engaged in July 1997 but unfortunately, the split was announced in September 1999. In April 2000, Steve announced that he and his girlfriend of 2 and a half months were expecting their first child. Daisy Ellen was born in November. Nikki and Steve married in August 2001.
PARENTS: Father, Brian is a retired bank manager, Mother Josephine is a retired teacher
SIBLINGS: One brother, John who is three years older
HEIGHT: 6' 2"
HAIR: Dark blond
EYES: Green
BIG BREAK: Left drama school at 20 and went more or less straight into the role of Damien Day in `Drop The Dead Donkey' where he has been ever since. However, his role as Fr Peter Clifford in `Ballykissangel' has catapulted him into the limelight
SCHOOL: Trained at the Central School Speech/Drama
INTERESTS: Cricket, cinema, especially British films, mainly Carry On films. Is also a football fan, supporting Middlesbrough. He also collects famous autographs, preferring the classic Hollywood actors
MISCELLANEOUS: Says that the hardest scene he has ever had to film, was Assumpta's (alleged!) death scene in Ballykissangel. He found it very disturbing to see his real life girlfriend lying on a mortuary slab. He is becoming notorious for his exceedingly dapper dress sense ie) never wear anything conservative when you can get away with velvet! He owns in the region of 40 suits which he wears at every opportunity. However, regardless of which one he chooses, his lapel is always adorned with the same two items - a small badge professing his dedication to Boro and a silver Claddagh brooch, a gift from Dervla. Like his weak-willed fiancee, he has also re-taken up smoking!

1989 Chancer Marcus
- All Quiet On The Preston Front (Series One) Spock
1988-96 Drop The Dead Donkey Damien Day
1997 First Signs Of Madness Copper Clive
1996-8 Ballykissangel Fr. Peter Clifford
27.4.96 Interview-Gaby Roslin -
??.11.96 Shooting Stars contestant
14.03.97 Comic Relief sketches/fun run -
14.03.97 BallykissDibley Fr Peter Clifford
19.02.98 Light lunch -
2/9/16.4.98 Oktober Jim Harper
1998 Grafters -

1996 Brassed Off Phil Ormondroyd

1998 Tartuffe Tartuffe

1997 Shelley James Shelley
1997 Kes reader
25.12.97 Rock and Roll Christmas -
It should be pointed out that the number of radio plays that Stephen has done must run into three figures, but it would be impossible to mention them all here.

Isn't it velvety!

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