NetUser Magazine

"Britain's Best Selling Guide to the Web!" July 1996, Issue 13, page 89, British Comedy section Rating: five out of five stars

"Sup's Blackadder Page"

"This fan produced Blackadder page stands as a shining example to other comedy pages on the World Wide Web. For a start there's an absolute wealth of images culled from the Rowan Atkinson/Ben Elton penned BBC hit comedy and these are used extensively throughtout the site as both colorful backgrounds and icons. Also up for grabs are samples galore, epsidoe scripts for virtualy every show, transcripted interviews with cast and crew members and links to other Blackadder sites. Although, once again, this is a US based comedy site, it's obviously been constructed by fans who have totally cottoned onto our British sense of humor, a rare feat for any American, and so deserves top marks." The review also features two screen shots from my page. - copyright NetUser magazine, July 1996.

As Michelle R (NazBug!!!) says, it's a good thing that I "cottoned" instead of "burlapped"!!

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