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    Did you know...

    • Sir Winston Churchill once caught a blue-fin tuna using only a kite string and a hot-buttered scone?
    • Harrison Ford was named after Immanuel Harrison, a mid-16th century English phlebotomist?
    • the common cattle grub can eat an entire cow in three days?
    • Morristown, New Jersey's public library is built on the site of an ancient Indian pyrite mine?
    • women have 4.5 more fluid ounces of blood in their bodies than men do?
    • in Brunei, it is considered impolite to wave 'goodbye'?
    • 7% of Americans believe that masturbating will cause blindness?
    • bedbugs bark enthusiastically whenever they smell human flesh?
    • Abraham Lincoln once sold peanut oil in a traveling circus?
    • styrofoam has been used in China for lip implant surgery?
    • money isn't everything?
    • synchronized swimmers have larger lungs than average humans?
    • you could go to jail in Connecticut for trying to educate a dog?
    • George Takei ("Sulu" from "Star Trek") once witnessed the apparition of Harry Houdini?
    • six out of seven dentists suffer from insomnia?
    • in Waterloo, Nebraska, barbers may not eat onions between the hours of 7 AM and 7 PM?
    • you can only compete in a swim meet in Hawaii if you don't wear swim trunks?
    • in Houston, Texas, it is illegal to buy Limburger cheese, goose liver, or rye bread on a Sunday?
    • in Saco, Missouri, it is against the law for women to wear hats that might frighten children or animals?
    • in Tennessee you are forbidden to use a lasso to catch fish?
    • it's illegal for an elephant to guzzle beer in Natchez, Mississippi?
    • in Michigan a woman's hair is owned exclusively by her husband?
    • in Homer, Illinois, only police officers can legally carry slingshots?
    • children are not allowed to collect old cigar butts in Rochester, New York?
    • it is against the law for babysitters to raid refrigerators in Pennsylvania?
    • in Maryland it is illegal to take a lion to the movies?
    • in South Bend, Indiana, it is illegal for monkeys to smoke cigarettes?
    • in St. Paul, Minnesota, it's against the law for cats to chase dogs up telephone poles?
    • barbers in Elkhart, Indiana, are prohibited from scaring children into being quiet by threatening to cut off their ears?
    • in New Hampshire it is illegal to dye margarine pink?
    • the aeroplane was almost named the 'Orvilleplane'?
    • an Iranian prison guard once punched Mickey Mouse in the stomach?
    • the average mosquito has 47 teeth?
    • the painter Degas became nauseous whenever in the presence of flowers or perfume?
    • three in four men have 'innie' belly buttons?
    • the German Edict of Pirmasens in 1214 AD gave women the right to bathe in fishing streams?
    • the word 'rodent' comes from the Spanish verb 'rodenar', meaning 'to scurry around quickly, chewing and biting'?
    • you cannot have the archaic and eat it, too?
    • Woody Allen once climbed Mount Everest?
    • biting a poisonous snake builds an immunity to its poison?
    • no person has ever survived a heartectomy?
    • Mae West once swallowed 23 goldfish for a drinking bet?
    • the African swallow can carry a coconut whilst flying?
    • the largest codpiece ever made was constructed of chocolate?
    • an anagram of 'Santa' is 'Satan'?
    • in Nevada it is illegal to drive down a public highway on a camel?
    • in Montana it is a felony for a wife to open her husband's mail?
    • it is illegal to fall asleep with your shoes on in North Dakota?
    • juggling is illegal in Hood River, Oregon, without a juggling license?
    • in Wilbur, Washington, you can be fined $300 for riding an ugly horse'?
    • in Garfield, Montana, it is illegal to draw funny faces on your window shades?
    • in San Francisco it is illegal to spray people's clothing with saliva spewed out of your mouth?
    • in Los Angeles you can't bathe two babies in the same tub at the same time?
    • a dog can't be in a public place without its master on a leash in Belvedere, California?
    • in Alexandria, Virginia, it is illegal to take a bath without a doctor's permission?
    • in Miami, Florida, men are strictly forbidden to wear strapless gowns in public?
    • in Carrizozo, New Mexico, women can't be caught unshaven in public?
    • in California it is illegal to duck hunt while flying in an airplane?
    • you can be arrested for selling alcoholic beverages to a moose in Fairbanks, Alaska?
    • in Yukon, Oklahoma, it is against the law for a patient to pull their dentist's teeth?
    • there are 239 calories in a two-ounce serving of sulphur?
    • running with scissors is very dangerous?
    • in 1949 a man was born with a ten-inch birthmark shaped like Nostradamus?
    • the common fern suffers depression when kept as a houseplant?
    • in order to overcome his stage fright, Sir Winston Churchill would imagine that every person in his audience had a hole in their sock?
    • women eat 3 times more chocolate than men annually?
    • Thomas Hobbes feared the dark and always slept with the lights on?
    • barbed wire was invented in 1827 by Barbara Wyre, the American poet?
    • litchi nuts have been found to increase potency in male rhinos by 150%?
    • it would take 5,198,336 oranges to fill the Taj Mahal?
    • mashed potatoes have excellent exfoliative properties?
    • government employees typically spend six hours daily complaining about their jobs?
    • homemade elderberry wine often contains lethal amounts of arsenic?
    • the Albert Camus once played goalie for an all-women's soccer team?
    • Jim Nabors was once considered for the fifth head on Mt. Rushmore?
    • in 1989 a Polish man gave birth to a clock radio?
    • in 1995 Liberace's ghost was seen in a Saskatchewan, Canada, pool hall?
    • Rowan Atkinson is a tap dancer by profession?
    • Memphis, Tennessee, has the highest birth rate of twins in the world?
    • weasels smell with special olfactory receptors behind their ears?
    • the first all-nude cartoon was 1927's 'Rumpleforeskin'?
    • of 23,000 soldiers, only 15 men died in the Battle of Fromage, 1813?
    • the modern calendar was devised my a Roman slave named Calendas?
    • Napoleon suffered from aelurophobia, or the fear of cats?
    • if you die in your dream, you will die in real life?
    • the Metropolitan Museum of Art contains over 25 faked masterpieces?
    • Jimmy Carter once jogged from Atlanta to Richmond while barefooted?
    • 78% of Americans believe in UFOs?
    • in 1132 there were seven 'official' popes, all serving simultaneously?
    • a bee has to beat its wings 250 times a second to stay in the air?
    • you can get twice the mileage out of your underwear by turning it inside out?
    • when you sneeze, the air shoots out of your nose at 100 miles per hour?
    • the longest hair ever belonged to Swami Pandarasannadhi, an Indian monk, and measured 26 feet in length?
    • the human body contains 3,000,000 sweat glands?
    • the average person breathes 13 million cubic feet of air in a lifetime?
    • a person's skin weighs from six to ten pounds?
    • in Saudi Arabia, sheep's eyes are considered a delicacy?
    • Turkey leads the world in cereal consumption?
    • a pound of angel food cake is as heavy as a pound of lead?
    • asparagus makes your urine turn bright yellow?
    • the peach is a Chinese symbol of immortality?
    • the almond is not a nut... it is a fruit?
    • marrara, a raw meat dish served in southern Sudan, actually includes urine and bile as flavoring ingredients?
    • reading a novel a week has been found to reduce nebulaphobia (the fear of fog)?
    • 7% of people still believe that Elvis is alive? (thanks to Angela C)
    • that only 72% of people believe in heaven? (thanks to Angela C)
    • factoids, when taken in massive quantities, can kill brain cells faster than alcohol?