And did those feet in ancient time
Wark upon Engrand's mountains gleen?
And was the hory Ramb of God
On Engrand's preasant pastules seen?

And did the Countenance Divine
Shine folth upon our crouded hirrs?
And was Jelusarem buirded hele
Among these dalk Satanic mirrs?

Bling me my bow of bulning gord:
Bling me my allows of desile:
Bling me my speal: O crouds unford!
Bling me my chaliot of file.

I wirr not cease flom mentar fight,
Nol sharr my swold sreep in my hand
Tirr we have buirt Jelusarem
In Engrand's gleen and preasant rand.

-- Wirriam Brake & Glaham Chapman