Niki's Day with Days

On May 30, 1998, I experienced one of the best days of my life. I attended the "Days Of Our Lives Fan Club Luncheon." I got there at 11 to meet up with my friend Holly and her two daughters.I walked in the lobby of the ballroom and the first person I saw was Jensen Ackles (Eric). He was sitting behind a table with Deidre Hall, (Marlena) signing autographs. This was for "Deidre's Breakfast." When I saw Jensen, my heart skipped a beat. I was shaking like crazy. So I just kept walking to lookfor my friend. Finally I found her and I told her that Jensen was up front signing autographs. So we went back to where Jensen was and we started taking pictures of him and Deidre. At about 11:20, we went to get our tickets to go into the Ballroom where the luncheon was held at. The luncheon started. James Reynolds (Abe) was the master of ceremonies. They showed some clips of DOOL from the past year or so. They had a "Question and Answer Session" where Austin Peck (Austin), Roark Critchlow (Mike), Bryan Dattilo (Lucas), and Jensen Ackles went around to the tables and people asked questions and various cast members answered them. At one point Bryan Dattilo was standing right behind my chair. I was having a heart attack since he is my favorite. I turned around and took a picture of him. He is such a sweetheart. After the "Question and Answer Session", they had the raffle drawing and gave out door prizes. At 2 o'clock, the part that I had been waiting for arrived. The autograph and picture session. The first person I met was Austin Peck. He is so down to earth and nice. We had a nice conversation about his name. I got his autograph and I took a picture with him. Then my friend Brooke and I went to meet the others. The next one we met was Bryan Dattilo. I seriously thought I'd faint when I met him. He was so sweet. We talked to him for like a few minutes and I was in heaven. I just kept taking pictures of him. After I met Bryan, I met Steve Wilder Jack). He is very friendly too. I was trying totake a picture of Bryan and Steve just jumped right in the picture. The picture turned out cute though.Next up was Jensen Ackles. This guy was just too sweet. He was incredibly friendly. After I got his autograph, I told him when he won the Soap Opera Digest Award I was so happy. I had been going through a rough time because I just had surgery and I hadn't even smiled in like 2 weeks. But when he won the award I got so happy. I told him all of this and he was like "My God. You are so sweet.I am so glad I made you feel better. So how are you feeling now?" How sweet can someone be??? I even told him how happy I was to finally be able to meet him and that I was having another surgery in 4 days. He said "I really think you'll do just fine. You seem like a very strong girl. My prayers are with you". I just about died!! Right after I met Jensen, I met Victor Alfieri (Franco). Victor is really nice too. He is very playful and funny. I was taking pictures of Jensen and he said to Jensen "I can tell she is a good photographer". I took a pic of them together and one with each of them. Victor took my name tag off and stuck it on himself and then he knocked a balloon in my face. I was like "What are you doing"??? Then he popped the balloon and he said "See, the balloon hit you and I got mad at it so I had to pop it for hitting you." He was really funny. Then I met Joe Mascolo (Stefano), Louise Sorel (Vivian) , Kevin Spirtas (Craig), Lauren Koslow (Kate), Suzanne Rogers (Maggie), Adam Caine (Edmund), James Reynolds, and Roark Critchlow. Adam Caine is so good looking in real life. He is nothing like Edmund. Joe Mascolo was pretty funny too. After he signed my book he snatched the picture of Bryan out of my hand and was gonna write on it. I was freaking out. He was like "I was gonna put a mustache on it to make him look better". Suzanne Rogers was especially nice. She commented on howbeautiful I was.I thought that was really sweet of her. Everyone that I met was really nice. It's a wonderful cast of a wonderful show.I was very lucky to have met them. I can't wait till next year. I urge every Days fan to go to the Fan Club Luncheon!!

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