Year released: 8/1991

Cantonese: Nau Hoi Ku-Hung

English: Drifters

Vietnamese: No Hai Co Hong

Number of episodes: 25

Theme song: ?

Rating: (I didn't watch this series yet)

Starring: (pictures coming soon)

Canti Lau Sik-Ming
Fiona Leung Pui-Ling
Frankie Lam Man-Lung
Gigi Lai Chi
Lawrence Ng Kai-Wah
Choi Ka-Bo

Character's Name Name of Actor/Actress
Chai HongCanti Lau Sik-Ming
Koo Hiu-LamFiona Leung Pui-Ling
Hung ?Frankie Lam Man-Lung
Ching Ka-BoGigi Lai Chi
Wong Yuen-ChunChoi Ka-Bo
Ching Ka-HingLawrence Ng Kai-Wah
Chan Lok-ChuKong Ming-Fai
? ?-FuHu Pui

(pictures coming soon)

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