Christopher Cary

Photo courtesy Christopher Cary

Christopher was born in England, the only boy in a family which was also blessed with six girls. At the time, all little girls in England took ballet lessons and Christopher was dragged along to the lessons too. He must have done well as he was considering a career in dance. He changed his mind, though, and decided to pursue acting. Still, years of dance had given Chris the agility and ease of movement we all came to admire in Goniff.

In addition to acting, Chris has also been a newspaper reporter, a pro soccer player and a director. In his book The Actor’s Life: Journals 1956-1976, Charlton Heston speaks highly of Chris as a director and then as an actor when Chris was called upon to step in and take over the key role of the Common Man in the play A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS.

Although he is no longer acting, Chris also has an impressive list of stage and screen credits. In addition to what he mentions in his interview, he appeared in the theatrical movies Raid on Rommel, Missing in Action 2, Lifepod, Beyond the Universe, Sword and the Sorcerer, Marlowe and White Buffalo. His television appearances include guest shots on Batman, Wonder Woman, High Chaparral, Land of the Giants, Wizard, Big Valley, Girl from Uncle, Man from Uncle, Mannix, Time Tunnel, Voyagers! and Wild, Wild West. He also did made for TV movies including Death Race (which also featured Brendon Boone) Captain America II, Gauguin the Savage, and Planet Earth.

Chris is currently heading up the Los Angeles based, non-profit organization FACE - Foundation of the Arts for Cultures and Environments. He is also hard at work on a very special New Year’s Eve project for the Year 2000. Chris is looking toward the future and working to make it a brighter future for us all.

Reprinted from Garrison's Gorillas 30th Anniversary Tribute

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