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It's Shirt Tale Time gang! Rick here! Welcome to my Comic Zone! Get ready for some all new Shirt Tale adventures! Shirt Tales No. 1 is back and better than ever! The rest of the mini series is coming! Just keep watching gang! After you read it write me and tell me what you think! Now it is Shirt Tale Time!
  1. Shirt Tale Power Mini Series- Night of the Robats
    The first part of a Seven Part mini series. The Shirt Tales are back in action, but so is the evil crime-lord, Elliot Nexstar. He wants his assistant, Agent Hicklot to wipe the Shirt Tales out with his new forces, but will he succeed?

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  2. Shirt Tale Power Mini Series- The Power Struggle
    The action heats up on Part Two of this mini-series. The Shirt Tales go head-to-head against the deadly RoBATs and it could be anyone's game. But also remember that Power-stealing ray! Hey Hicklot, what are you so happy about? Watch out Shirt Tales!!

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  3. Shirt Tale Power Mini Series- Terror in the Streets
  4. Shirt Tale Power Mini Series- The Calling
  5. Shirt Tale Power Mini Series- The Upgrade
  6. Shirt Tale Power Mini Series- Shirt Tale Time
  7. Shirt Tale Power Mini Series- Call to Justice


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