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Hey gang! It's me Pammy! Welcome to my Info Zone! This is where you can get information about us. So if you're new, this is the first place you want to go! Thats not all! I'm also going to explain why we are making this fan-comic!

Who are the Shirt Tales?

We the Shirt Tales, are a group of crime fighting animals who are dedicated to keeping peace and harmony among humans and animals. The reason why we're called "Shirt Tales" is because of our special shirts! They have the power to display words, thoughts, and icons. They can also they can make us super powerful when its Shirt Tale Time! We live in Oak Tree Park with our best friend, Mr. Dinkle. We mainly protect Mid City, but we go beyond the city limits when something big comes up! By the way, there are a lot more Shirt Tales than you may think!

Why the Fan-Comic?

First let me ask you a question. How many of you didn't have the slightest idea of who we were when you came here? The idea is that many people forgot about who we were. We aren't even on televison anymore! Just type in the word "Shirt Tales" on your search engine, and you'll see how many people remember us! We just want to give back the memories of those who grew up in the 1980's or who watched us on Cartoon Network while we were there! In other words, its time to give us a second chance!

Mission Accomplished?

Well it's been at least seven years since the Shirt Tales site went online, and we've seen some pretty good results! Not only have we receieved over 30,000 hits since we started, but more Shirt Tales sites have shown up since then too! And although we're still not airing, at least our comic is going strong (even if we haven't gotten past part 2 yet...) Anyway, here's hoping we keep up the good work!


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