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Item: Maker Description: O.C.: B.V.:
Plush Babies Tyco 9 inch tall plushes.
  1. Taz with blanket*
  2. Bugs in diaper*
  3. Sylvester in diaper*
  4. Wile E. in diaper*
Baby Bugs on Tricycle Tyco Plastic figure on red and blue tricycle rolls when pushed. Bugs head and tail move up and down and his hands and feet move with the wheels. 7"    
Infant Gift Set Tyco Box of toys for a baby. Plush Bugs, Tweety rattle, Tweety fun activity firetruck, set of 4 soft blocks with the characters pictures on them. $18  

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Item: Maker Description: O.C.: B.V.:
Large Extra Soft Plushes Tyco Plushes come standing in a box and are wearing diapers.
  1. Tweety*
  2. Sylvester*
  3. Bugs
  4. Daffy
$20 each  

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Item: Maker Description: O.C.: B.V.:
Marina Tub ToySee Pic! Tyco Bath toy is shaped like a marina and has 2 small boats and a diving board for the 3 characters to play on. Comes with Baby Daffy, Bugs and Sylvester. Attaches to side of tub. $19.99  
Talking Baby PlushesSee Pic! Tyco Plushes are dressed in pajamas and a bib and each says 4 different phrases when their tummy is squeezed.
  1. Baby Bugs in red
  2. Baby Sylvester in blue
$19.99 each  
Pull Along TrainSee Pic! Tyco Plastic train is made of 3 parts. In the locomotive Baby Bugs pops up and down as the train moves. The other 2 cars have Taz, Daffy, Tweety and Sylvester spinning in them. All are removable $11.99  
Baby Marvin's Rocket Stacker Play-By-Play Ring stacking game that has baby Marvin popping up when all are stacked right. Shaped like a rocket.    
Baby Taz Tumble Ball Play By Play Clear plastic ball with Taz on the inside with food. He spins around when the ball is rolled and the food tumbles to make noise.    

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Item: Maker Description: O.C.: B.V.:
Musical Wall Art* Dolly 6 piece set features Bugs, Daffy, Tweety and Sylvester. There is a press and play button on them for the music. $10.98  
Plush Baby Bugs Table Lamp* Dolly Lamp features plush Bugs playing with ABC ballons on the bottom and the shade has Tweety and Bugs with ballons. $29.98  
Baby Looney Tunes Exersaucer Deluxe Plus* Evenflo 6 Built-in toys and Baby Looney Tunes electronic toy. The seat rotates 360 degrees. It has 3 height adjustments. Pop-out feet to stabilize rocking. Removable, washable seat pad. For indoor or outdoor use. $94.98  
Baby Looney Tunes Exersaucer Baby Play Gym* Evenflo Rocking saucer has gym bar and toys to entertain babies. $49.98  
Baby Looney Tunes Champion Car Seat* Evenflo Infants and Toddlers car seat. $86.98  
Baby Looney Tunes Phases Playtop High Chair* Evenflo This High Chair can be turned into a playtable and chair and includes a new funtime desk playtop with rubbing insert and building block surface. $114.98  
Baby Looney Tunes On My Way Rear Facing Infant Car Seat* Evenflo The Infant Car Seat is a carrier and rocker with autobase. The seat "clicks" in and out of the base which stays belted in the car. It is rear facing for infants 5 to 20 lbs. $90.98  
Ballooning In the Clouds Crib Set* Gerber Features Bugs, Tweety and Sylvester playing with ABC balloons.
  1. Comforter
  2. Fitted Crib Sheet
  3. Bumper Pad
  4. Bed Dust Ruffle
  5. Diaper Stacker Bag
Deluxe Baby Looney Tunes Bath Gift Set (9-pc.)* Gerber Includes a Wash Mitt Puppet, a screenprinted Burp Cloth, a screenprinted Hooded Towel that measures 30" x 36", a coordinating Teether/Soother, a Comb and Brush Set, 2 Washcloths, and the easy to use Mini Bath Basket with a durable handle for travel or storage that holds all of the items. $20.98  
Baby Looney Tunes Room Decor Set* Dolly 4 piece set of wall decorations features Bugs, Daffy, Tweety & Sylvester playing. $10.50  
Spin & Go Radio Controlled Sports Cars Play-By-Play Pre-Schooler cars use a simple remote that goes forward until you squeeze it and then it spins around.
  1. Bugs in red buggySee Pic!
  2. Marvin in silver saucer
$24.99 each  
Pullback & Go Vehicles Play-By-Play Plastic cars wind when you pull them back and race forward when released.
  1. Baby Tweety's Racing RoadsterSee Pic!
  2. Baby Sylvester's Turbo-JetSee Pic!
  3. Baby Bugs' Off-Road RacerSee Pic!
  4. Baby Daffy's Duck DragsterSee Pic!
  5. Baby Wile E.'s Rocking Rig
$5.99 each  
Little Squeakers Play-By-Play Soft plastic figures that squeak when you squeeze them.
  1. Baby MarvinSee Pic!
  2. Baby BugsSee Pic!
  3. Baby LolaSee Pic!
  4. Baby Tweety
Splash Crew Stuffed Toys Play-By-Play Parachute material toys with plastic innertubes.
  1. Lola with pink tube
  2. Bugs with orange tube
  3. Daffy with blue tube*
$9.99 each $
Jack In The Boxes Play By Play Plastic toys with the lovables characters on them.
  1. Toy Box with Sylvester on front and Tweety popup
  2. Cookie Jar with Bugs on front and Taz popup
$13 each  
Tweety Doorsign* WB Store Round ceramic light blue "Baby Sleeping" sign with Tweety sleeping on a crescent moon. $10  
Bugs & Tweety Blocks Tablelamp* WB Store 15" lamp has ceramic base with Baby Bugs and Tweety leaning against a stack of blocks. Shade has moon and stars on it. $55  
Baby Bugs & Tweety Bank* WB Store 7" Ceramic bank has Baby Bugs climbing an alphabet block with baby Tweety on top. $18  
Baby Bugs & Tweety Stars Frame* WB Store Grey Ceramic with stars on it. Baby Bugs and Tweety are playing on the bottom. Holds 3" x 5" photo. $12  

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Item: Maker Description: O.C.: B.V.:
My Tweety Is Sweeping Doorsign* WB Store 6" fabric sign has Tweety sleeping under a blanket. $10  
Tweety Toothfairy Pillow* WB Store Satin pillow with pouch for lost teeth. Tweety is holding the pouch.    

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