About Me
This is the section of my page where I tell you, the beloved viewer, a little about myself. Also, I tell about how to get the most out of this site and how you can be part of it. Thank you for taking intrest in my page and please feel free to e-mail questions, comments and suggestions to me.

The Scooby Doo Lives On!!! Site Guarantee:
As the sites creator, I solemnly swear that this site will never be considerered "dead." I will constantly be updating items, changing things, and making the site more enjoyable for you, the beloved viewers. Further more, the chat room shall never be empty at the appointed times, if the rules set for the chat room are followed and all you Scooby Fans out there join in:) This is an on going project that includes you, the viewer, and invites you to become part of the site. As I have promised, anything sent to me praising Scooby Doo or Hanna~Barbera shall be posted in the site (as long as it isn't offensive, but I know none of you true Scooby fans could ever send me anything offending good ol' Scoob:), and you shall be recognized for having participated in the site. Even though it may sound sappy, I think of this site as not belonging to me alone, but to all of you true Scooby Fans. I encourage you all to send me e-mail, sign my guestbook, anything to become part of the site. The success of the site depends on you:)

About the site:
I started the Scooby Doo Lives On!!! site back in September 1998 (but it seems like only yesterday:) with the goal of making a site where all Scooby Fans could commune and express their deep devotion to Scooby Doo. I had been thinking about making a page like this for about 5 months, but in September I took action. Thus began the creation of this page. I created it with the idea in mind that the site should be interactive, allowing you the viewer to become part of it whenever you wanted. The site has been doing trembedously well lately, having been added to Yahoo! The Gang's Gallery, where I post pictures of Scooby that I have drawn, being an animator and cartoonist, as well as originals and pictures that you have sent me, has been doing so well, it has had more hits than my home page has:) I will be constantly scanning and adding my drawings as well as originals to post in the gallery. The Sound Library will also be constantly updated. Then we come to Project Scooby 2000. It is the most important part of my site and probably the major reason I created it. It is my plan to get Scooby Doo back on TV, and you can help and take part in it. The Hanna~Barbera Shrine was created in honor ofthe cartoon geniuses themselves. Finally, we come to the Chat room. Another goal of mine in creating the Scooby Doo Lives On!!! site is making a fully functioning and succesful Scooby Chatroom. Other sites have tried and failed, their room always being empty and thus failing miserably. I have set out to creat a chat room where the room chall never be empty and will be a guaranteed success. I want to make a chat room where Scooby Fans the world over can commune and share their feelings about Scooby Doo, the undistutable best cartoon ever made. This dream is now within our reach. Below is a brief section telling you about me, John, the sites creator and your fellow Scooby lover:

About me: My story:)
First, my statistics: I'm 16 years old, male, and live in NJ. There, pretty boring hu? But there's more:) I'm also a hippy, animator, cartoonist, and last but not least, an incredibly devoted Scooby fan. It all began for me when I was 13. It was Christmas vacation, I was off from school, and Scooby Doo, Where Are You? was playing on the tube:) At that time I already had a reasonable liking for the show, but I had no way of predicting the effects of what happened next. After the show ended, I took a piece of paper and began idly sketching a picture of Scooby. It came out rather well.
tried it a second time and it cae out even better. Soon, I had discovered that I had the talent of cartooning. I had never realized it before, but whenever I had tried to draw something artistically, like a painting or sketch, it always came out looking funny, but I didn't know why. What it was was that it always came out looking cartoony. I thus developed my skill and have gotten better and better. My specialty is, of course, Scooby and the Gang. They are all in my head, I can just be given a pencil and craw them in a matter of seconds. I have gone to art schools where the teachers have been amazed with my work, since I've also been creating my own characters. My goal is to be able to bring Scooby back to television and work for Hanna~Barbera. But back to the story, when I learned that I could draw Scooby, I got into the cartoon. Then I really got into the cartoon. Since Scooby Doo was made in the 60's, the show introduced me to the 60's. I got into the 60's. Then I really got into the sixties. It was then that I uncovered the hippy philosophy. It fit in perfectly with my lifestyle, I learned that I was always meant to be a hippy. I've always been non-violent. No, I don't do drugs, hippiedom is a lifestyle and a way of thinking, not a drug. You can find more about my hippy beliefs at my hippy website, which is in production. Thank you for taking interest in me and my web site:)