News broadcast: Channel 10 News, WCAU-TV; Michael Beardsley, news director.

Reporter: Mike Strug, KYW-TV.

Tape/film camera work, news: Darryl Rode, KYW-TV.

Spot news: the MOVE coverage-team report of WCAU-TV, Jay Newman, news director; Mike Archer, executive producer.

Public-service news: "Job Seekers Beware," WCAU-TV; Paul Moriarty, producer; Herbert Denenberg, reporter.

Investigative journalism: "Job-Seekers Beware," WCAU-TV; Paul Moriarty, producer; Herbert Denenberg, reporter.

Tape/film camera work, programming: Ira G. Raider, KYW-TV.

Writer, news: Frank Tenczar, NJ Network.

Writer, programming: H. Brian O'Neill, KYW-TV.

Tape/film editor, news: Beverly Gilbert-Leone, KYW-TV.

Tape/film editor, programming: Ira G. Raider, KYW-TV.

Documentary program: "The Family Caring," WHYY Inc.; Michael DiLauro, director; Jan DiLaurio, writer.

Public-service announcement: "For Kids' Sake," KYW-TV; H. Brian O'Neill, creative director, writer and lyricist.

Live programming: Mummers Day Parade, WCAU-TV; Mitch Goldstein, executive producer; Dan Sitarski, producer.

Cultural programming: "Who Is Red Grooms?" WHYY Inc.; David A. Othmer, producer.

News feature: "Job-Seekers Beware," WCAU-TV; Paul Moriarty, producer; Herbert Denenberg, reporter.

Program feature: "Death and Taxes," WCAU-TV, Paul Moriarty, producer; Herb Denenberg, host.

Host: Herb Denenberg, WCAU-TV.

Artistic director: Linda Gialanella, KYW-TV.

Lighting director: H. John MacElhenney, WHYY Inc.

Actor: Craig Shoemaker, Prism.

Director: Susan Mascio, KYW-TV.

Live sports coverage, one-time special: Jersey Derby, KYW-TV; Will Wright, executive producer; Cindy Voron, producer.

Live sports coverage (series): Eagles exhibition football, KYW-TV; James Schmidt, executive producer; Thomas Herron, producer.

Sports reporter: Larry Rosen, Prism.

Governors' Award (lifetime achievement): Garrett W. Brown, Moving & Talking Pictures Co.

Children's programming (one-time special): Science Shorts, WHYY Inc., Alan Goldberg, producer; David A. Othmer, executive producer.

Children's programming (series): "Fit In," WCAU-TV, Mitch Goldstein, executive producer; Robert Lopez, producer-director.

Entertainment broadcast: "Dreams," WCAU-TV, Jeanne McHale-Waite, executive producer; Eileen Matthews, producer.

Promotional campaign: (tie) Prism Compatability-VCR campaign, Prism, Craig Shoemaker, producer-writer; Robert Ayars, director; and Channel 10 News, WCAU- TV; Ivan Ladizinsky, producer.

Magazine format: "Fitness Watch," WCAU-TV; Cherie Bank, producer; Jeanne McHale-Waite, executive producer.

Talk program (one-time special): "Speak Out! Drugs in Your Neighborhood," WCAU-TV, Kathy Quaid, producer, Jeanne McHale-Waite, executive producer.

Talk program (series): People Are Talking: "Men/Women," KYW-TV, Susan Roumelis, producer; Kathy Goree, associate producer.

Station editorial: "Accountable," KYW-TV; Charles F. Thompson, editorial director; Malcolm Poindexter, editorial spokesman.

Innovative programming: "Sunday edition," KYW-TV; Robert Andresen, executive producer.

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