Outstanding news broadcast, larger markets: Eyewitness News Tonight, KDKA. Sue McInerney, news director.

News broadcast, smaller markets: News Center 8 Evening Report, WGAL. Ed Wickenheiser, news director.

Spot news: "Meridian Fire," WTXF. Roger LaMay, news director.

Feature news/single report: (tie) "A Day at the Races," WTAE. Jim Hefner, general manager. "Seeking Solitude," WGAL. John Campbell, photographer.

Feature news/series: "License to Steal," KYW. Walt Hunter, reporter.

Service news: "How to Avoid Raising a Brat," KYW. Barbara Monaco, reporter.

Investigative journalism: (tie) "How Not to Eat on the Street," KYW. Paul Moriarty, reporter. "Prescription for Profit," WPVI. David Henry, reporter.

Documentary program: Wylie Avenue Days, WQED. Christopher Moore, producer.

Health and science programming: (tie) Flying Off the Bridge to Nowhere and Other Tales of Pittsburgh Bridges, WQED. Rick Sebak, producer. You're the Cure, WCAU. Cherie Bank, reporter.

Talk program/one-time special: Peace, WHYY. Eileen Lucas, producer.

Talk program/series: News Forum, WCAU. Herb Denenberg, reporter.

Entertainment broadcast: Two Step, New Jersey Network. Amber Edwards, producer.

Magazine-format broadcast: Timeout, WCAU. Jeanne McHale-Waite, executive producer.

Programming feature/informational: Starting Over, WPVI. Holly Woodward, producer.

Programming feature/entertainment: Steeltown, WPVI. Bruce B. Neumann, producer.

Live sports coverage/one-time special: Corestates Championship, WCAU. Mitchell Goldstein, executive producer.

Live sports coverage/series: Philadelphia Big 5 College Basketball, Prism. Jon Slobokin, producer.

Sports program/one-time special: Army-Navy - 100 Years, WTXF. Ray G. Tipton, producer.

Sports series: Jim Barniak's Sports Scrapbook, Prism. Jim Barniak, producer.

Sports feature: Marketing Michael Jordan, WPHL. Tracy Warren, reporter.

Children's programming/one-time special: Kidside: Join the Resistance, WCAU. Eileen Matthews, producer.

Children's programming/series: Young Voices, WHYY. Glenn Holsten, producer.

Cultural programming: Things That Aren't There Anymore, WQED. Rick Sebak, producer.

Live programming: Pennsylvania 2000: The People's Agenda, WQED. Jim Sequin, producer.

Single public-service announcement: "Enjoy," Videosmith Inc. Kyran W. Connelly, producer.

Public-service campaign: Don't Dance With Death, Motion Video Productions. Dave Sewell, producer.

Single promotional announcement: "One House Street Premiere," WGBS. Todd A. Ballentyne, producer.

Promotional announcement campaign: (tie) You're the Cure, WCAU. Marion Jablon, manager, advertising and promotion. Great Expectations, WTAE. Lauren Dale, producer.

Editorial/commentary: "Pittsburgh Problem," WTAE. Paul Long, anchor.

Public-affairs programming: Pennsylvania 2000: Saving Pennsylvania (by the Grass Roots), WQED. Herbert G. Stein, producer.

Community-outreach program: (tie) "Health Check/The Cancer Test," WTXF. Gay M. Ball, public-affairs director. "Save a Sweetheart," WYOU. Linda S. Wallace, community-relations director.

Individual-achievement awards:

Reporter: (tie) Herb Denenberg, WCAU. Paul Moriarty, KYW.

Host: Herb Denenberg, WCAU.

Sports reporter: Michael Barkann, KYW.

Sports play-by-play/commentary: Harry Kalas, WTXF.

Weathercaster: William Edward Elias, WTXF.

Graphic design/animation: Mary EA Hudlow Dima, WCAU.

Director: Mitchell Goldstein, WCAU.

Writer-news: Dick Hoxworth, WGAL.

Writer-programming: Jim Dever, KDKA.

Tape or film camera-news: John Campbell, WGAL.

Tape or film camera-programming: Allen I. Rosen, WQED.

Tape or film editor-news: Terence V. Brownley, KYW.

Tape or film editor-programming: John Johnson, WCAU.

Audio: John Seminerio, New Jersey

Lighting director: Lynn W. Cates, WHYY.

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