The following is a list of anchors, reporters and contributors who previously worked on KYW-TV's news team. They are listed alphabetically. Click on the name to find out where they are now. This page is updated as I find or receive more information. If you would like to contribute email me at the address below.

Kim Adams(1988-92)
Brahin Ahmaddiya(1982-1990)
Diane Allen(1976-78/82-88)
Michael Barkann(1987-91)
Rick Barrick(1997-98)
Judi Barton(1978-88)
Steve Baskerville(1978-83)
Steve Bell(1987-92)
Charles Bierbauer(-1978)
Linda Blackman(-80)
Stan Bohrman(1980-83)
Bob Bradley(1956-87)
Glenn Brenner(1976-77)
Craig Brevick(-81)
Brandon Brooks(1995-2003)
George Caldwell(Sells)(1966-73)
Chris Carden(1996-98)
Bruce Casella(1985-)
Colette Cassidy(1995-2004)
Ti-Hua Chang(1979-)
Don Clark(Cannon)(1995)
Bobbie Craddock(1972)
Jane Crawford(1978-79)
Mort Crim(1972-77)
Bill Currie(1978-79)
Bill Custer(1963-78)
Clark DeLeon
Joan (Dinerstein) Cesarse(1981-82)
Bob Domine(1979-81)
Duane Dow(-75)
Chris Dunn(2002-2003)
Chris Edwards(1996-97)
Patrick Emory(1980-81)
Melvin Epps(1984-86)
Leah Erickson(1980-81)
Howard Eskin(1982-85/92-96)
Joyce Evans(1986-1996)
Tamsen Fadal(2001-2005)
Don Fair(1968-79)
Pat Farnack(-99)
Mike Forrest(1978-83)
Ralph Fox(1999-2001)
Dave Frankel(1997-2001)
Jesse Gary(2000-2001)
Steve Gary(-79)
Gary Geers(1953-94)
Linda Gialanella(1984-91)
Max Gomez(1984-91)
Taylor Grant(1954-58)
Mark Haines(1984-85)
Bruce Hamilton(1992-95)
Lauren Hart(2003)
Neil Hartman(1996-97)
Trudy Haynes(1965-98)
Jackie Hays(1985-88)
Jackie Helsel
Eleanor Jean Hendley(1978-2004)
Tony Hernandez(1977-79)
Jim Hickey(1976-80)
Dick Horner(-78)
Ron Hunter(1978-82)
Paul Jackson(1999-2000)
Rick Jackson(1999)
Tyree Johnson(1978-84)
Jack Jones(1977-79/84-91)
Howard Joffe(1986-91)
Larry Kane(1993-2002)
Wally Kinnan(1956-65)
Tome Lame(1978-84)
Kate Larson(1982-85)
Jim Leaming(1955-1972)
Siani Lee(1999-2001)
Tony Leon
Vince Leonard(1958-80)
Steve Levy(1974)
Claude Lewis(-66)
Rod Luck(/1974-75/81-82)
Liz Matt(1977-81)
Beth McDonough(1998-2001)
Susan McGinnis(1996-97)
Al Meltzer(1972-77)
Terri Merryman(1984-88)
Rebecca Messa(2003-2004)
Esther Miller(2001-2003)
Andrea Mitchell(1974-76)
Barbra Monaco(1980-96)
Willie Monroe(1982-88)
Paul Moriarty(1986-2003)
Tia Obrien(1984-91)
Dave Patterson(1983-84)
Jerry Penacoli(1982-91)
Tom Pettit(1958-61)
Susie Pevaroff(1978-84)
Amy Polacko(2002)
Bill Pounders(1984-85)
Maury Povich(1980-83)
Matt Quinn
Orien Reid(1972-78)
Trina Robinson(1997-99)
David Rogers(1991-97)
Bert Roselle
Bob Rucker(1978-82)
Joe Sanchez(1983-86)
Jose Santiago
Denise Saunders(1999-2004)
Wes Sarginson(1971-72)
Jessica Savitch(1972-77)
Ren Scott(1996-2002)
Larry Shainman(-78)
Wayne Shannon(1980-82)
Dick Sheeran(1973-2003)
Marciarose Shestack(1963-75)
Dr. Robin Smith(1999)
Tom Snyder(1965-70)
Victor Sonder(1980-81)
Ellen Spencer(1978-81)
Dave Stanley(1980-84)
John Stehlin(1999-2001)
Sheryl Stein(-84)
Dawn Stensland(1997-2001)
Robyn Stevens(1999-2000)
Ken Stinson(2002-03)
Dick Stockton(1965-)
Mike Strug(1978-88)
Keith Taylor(2001-2002)
Robin Taylor(1998-2002)
Frank Taynor(1982-84)
John Terenzio(1977-79)
Lou Tilley(1985-98)
John Toth
Lou Wagner
Jennifer Ward(1991-94)
Craig Weber(1992-96/2000-02)
Roy Weissinger(-79)
Mike Wilmann(-82)
Dawn Witt(1998-2000)
Joe Witte(1978-80)

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