The following is a list of anchors, reporters and contributors who previously worked on NJN's news team. They are listed alphabetically. Click on the name to find out where they are now. This page is updated as I find or receive more information. If you would like to contribute email me at the address below.

Diane Allen(-76)
Pat Battle(1985-88)
Harvey Bennett(1986-88)
Phil Bremen
Pamela Chan
Mary Cummings
Marie De Noia(1988-)
Ana Garcia(1986-88)
Steve Highsmith(1990-94)
Candace Kelley(1997-98)
Sandra King
Marc Levenson
Eric Luskin
Liz Matt(1981-84)
John McLaughlin
Dick Minton
Nora Muchanic(-86)
Bill Perry(1979-)
Pat Scanlon
Dave Schratwieser
Richard Scott(1984-93)
Margie Smith
Rebecca Sobel(-79)
Larry Steulpnagel
Karen Stone(1979-)
Frank Tenczar
Steve Taylor
Rolanda Watts
Lorrie Yapczenski(1983-)

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