The following is a list of anchors, reporters and contributors who previously worked on WPHL's news team. They are listed alphabetically. Click on their name to find out where they are now. This page is updated as I find or receive more information. If you would like to contribute email me at the address below.

George Anastasia(1994-96)
Julie Bologna(1997-99)
Dawn Brown(1999-2000)
Justin Berk(2001)
Art Carey(1994-96)
Larry Cosgrove(1994-97)
Donna Crilley(1998-99)
Mike Dardis(1994-2003)
Wendy Daughenbaugh(-2000)
Dan Deluca(1994-96)
Bill Elias(1994-95)
Russell Eshleman(1994-96)
Bruce Gordon(1994-96)
Darryl Green(2000-01)
Al Haas(1994-96)
Jennifer Lewis-Hall(1994-99)
Neil Hartman(1989-95)
Jim Hayes(1998-2000)
Victoria Hong(1994-95)
Tracy Humphrey(2001-2003)
Karen Jordan(2000-03)
Tina Kim(2000-03)
Otis Livingston(1997-99)
Emily Lounsberry(1994-96)
Bill Lyon(1994-96)
Dave Marshall(1999-2003)
Dan Mechem(1999)
Steve MacLaughlin(2000-03)
Mike Missanelli(2000-2002) Wanda Motley
Sal Paolantonio(1994-96)
JoAnn Pileggi(1998-99)
Bob Rainey(1994-96)
Anne Reynolds(1995-)
Margie Smith(1994-2001)
Craig Stock(1994-96)
Carrie Rickey(1994-96)
Byron Scott(1994-2002)
Rhonda Schaffler
Elaine Tait(1994-96)
Fran Viola
Jim Watkins(1994-95)
Craig Weber(1997-2000)
Tony Wood(1994-96)
Jenna Wolfe(1999-2002)

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