Frean Forest

You walk into a lush, green forest, there is a large griffon standing over ina clearing a few yards away.
K'len smiles and shouts to him, Hey Gfen!!

The griffon turns to you, Oh, hello K'len, welcome traveler!
Where is San'aelne? K'len looks around, trying to spot something.
He went to visit Nianth'paih, he is very devoted to that little Pah'llock mate of his.
You turn to K'len What is a pah'llock?
It is a horse with horns and sometimes different tails. K'len explains.
Oh, you say as you notice a small yellow object in the distance. What is that?
K'len turns to look at what you are pointing at, Ah, there is San'aelne! Haram Salu, San'aelne!

Haram Salu David and Gfen! the little horse-like creature shouts back. Then he turns to you. Oh, hello, I see we have a visitor. I'm sorry I was gone, I was off visiting the mare in my clan, The Clan of the Silver Tiger!
Here is San'aelne's stat sheet, lets go visit some other animals.

Name: San'aelne

Gender: Male

Mother: Sk'sa'nih

Father: Kira'yap

Clan: Golden Moon/Silver Tiger

Tribe: Earth

Mane Color: black

Markings: solid tan

Stage: adult

Children: none, yet =

Mate: Nianth'paih

Here is San'aelne's genotype.

San'aelne : Male

Colour: Sd,ds

Mane: S*,Ds

Ffeet: H*,d

Hfeet: d*,D

Tail: H,H*

Horns: U,D*

Mutation: N,n


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