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    Fantaghiro Fans Club was established on 26th March 1999 by Robin Hood. Besides the president himself, Robin Hood, this web sites is also developed by several committee members in the club, mainly Little John and Prinzessin Fantaghiro, which are very close friend of Robin Hood. On top of that, Santa Clause is responsible in the advertising division of the club.

    This club is designed to achieve several objectives. Among the few main objectives of the club are:
1. To unite all the Fantaghiro Fans around the world to tell the world about the beauty of the most beautiful girl in the world, that is Alessandra Martines.
2. To promote the best movie that we have ever watched, that is Fantaghiro sequels (Cave of the Golden Rose) to all those that still haven't watched it.
3. To try our best to help all the Fantaghiro fans, especially in finding out more about Fantaghiro.
4. To help to advertise for all the companies that sell Fantaghiro movies / sound track / anything good that is related to Fantaghiro.

About the President of Fantaghiro Fans Club
Name : Robin Hood
Email Address :
Home Page :
Country : Malaysia
Age : 19
Sex : Male
Occupation : University Student
Hobby : Collecting Fantaghiro beautiful pictures, Designing web sites, Playing computer games, and bla bla bla...
Ambition : To be a programmer / web master.

About administrator

    There are many committee members, but here are those active and participate directly in designing this web sites:
. Name Email Address Post
1. Little John 1st Assistant
2. Prinzessin Fantaghiro 2nd Assistant
3. Santa Clause Advertising Division

About the web sites

    Basically, we put a lot of pictures, animation, and links in this web sites. We try to link to as many Fantaghiro web sites as possible (if possible, we want to link to all Fantaghiro web sites). Besides that, we also established a fan sites for Fantaghiro Fans to email each other to promote a better relationship between all the Fantaghiro Fans. We also established a guest book for viewers to write comments in this web sites. Please explore this web sites to find out more...

Notes from Robin Hood:

    I start up this club with the help of my friend particularly as a dedication to the best movie I've ever watched in my entire life! I said that it is the best movie because it has the best story line (by Lamberto Bava), the best music (by Amadeo Minghi), and most important of all the best actress (Alessandra Martines). I really love the movie that I've been searching all over and still cannot find it in Malaysia. If anyone knows where to buy this Fantaghiro sequels, please email to me or one of my close friend as provided above. If possible, I hope to buy it in Malaysia. Besides that, I also really hope that RTM 2 (TV2) can screen all the Fantaghiro sequels again. I therefore hope that all the Malaysia fans who visited my site to write to TV2 (whether letter or email doesn't matter) to screen all the 4 Fantaghiro sequels again plus the 5th one (the last one). If I can find out any information about where to buy Fantaghiro CDs, I'll put it up in my web sites.

    Besides Fantaghiro web sites, I'm also interested in collecting all other Alessandra Martines' movies, so whoever knows where to buy it, please email to me.

    Finally, thanks to all of you who visited my web sites. Please visit this web sites frequently as it will be updated frequently.

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