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Book of Fantaghiroism

  1. Good Will Always Triumph Over Evil.
  2. Good Will Always Wins.
  3. Evil Never Wins.
  4. No one shall ever sell me, or buy me.
  5. I Don't Have the Habit to Pass by Making Conversation.
  6. I Say I Will Do It, then I'll Do It.
  7. Before any important event, we always pray on high.
  8. Romualdo   : ...and now, the one whose courage and love avoided the war, Queen Fantaghiro...
  9. Come in peace and I'll welcome you;

  10. otherwise I have to spread the news that you were defeated by a woman.
  11. The true authority of a king spring from the respect of his people.
  12. I personally hold nothing against you;

  13. but combat will be my last recourse to protect and save those I cherish and love.
  14. Kiss Me and You'll Know.
  15. Tarabas! Where are you! Come out and show yourself if you have the courage!

  16. How could you take children away from their father and mother, king from their people.
    How could you be so cruel, so heartless!
    I hate you Tarabas! I challenge you!
    Accept the challenge from a woman defy you in the name of love! the name of love! the name of love!!!
  17. I never surrender.
  18. Fantaghiro : It has already forgiven you.

  19. Esmelrada : You're lying. How can butterfly ever forgive people?
    Fantaghiro : Because they are good and their forgiveness can make you a better person.
  20. (Dark Witch was teaching Fantaghiro black magic to defend against Tarabas)

  21. Dark Witch : Look...(magically made a toad to appear)
    Fantaghiro   : (smiling happily) How did you do it? It's so cute.
    Dark Witch : What are you saying? That toad is a monster! How could you only see beauty and perfection and deny the obvious. You're a hipocrite. That toad is ugly and disgusting. Go ahead, say it!
    Fantaghiro : I can't. It's adorable!
  22. I Always Look At the Person I Talk To Right In The Eyes.
  23. All it takes is only an act of pure love.
  24. True Love is Never Foolish.
  25. Fantaghiro   : ...I've made the promise.

  26. Dark Witch : Well, some promise are made to be broken.
    Fantaghiro   : Not mine, Dark Witch.
  27. Men can be gentle and doesn't have to be violent.
  28. Remember your Oath, Tarabas. Don't Use Violent.
  29. The more you instigate hatred, the more love will vanquish.

  30. You can kill us, torture us, or reduce us to slavery, but nothing will make us like you, Darken. You can't possibly win, Darken because evil never win.
  31. Tarabas     : If this is the only blade that can kill you, father, then say farewell to life!

  32. Fantaghiro : No...
    Tarabas     : Have you lost your mind? There's only one ray of sunset left.
    Fantaghiro : I know, but I can't let you do it. He's your father!

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