A Million Thanks to Alessandra Martines because I use her beautiful pictures to improve my web pages.

I really think that she is the most beautiful actress I've ever seen in my life so far. Thank you very much Alessandra Martines for starring as Fantaghiro in "Fantaghiro" sequels. You are really wonderful and has cheer up my life!!!

Wherever you are, I just want to let you you know how much I appreciate you.

A Special Appreciation to Doris for helping me improving my web sites

Special Thanks to these web sites for providing resources to me:
  1. Manuel's websites
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Special Thanks to my favourite web site: http://student.uq.edu.au/~s340054/alesspics.html

Also Thanks to Anfy Java Team as I use their Applets to animate some of my pictures.

A Word of Credit to my sponsors (Those who support me in building web pages):
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Thank you very much to all the Fantaghiro Fans who support my web sites. A very special thanks to Little John and Prinzessin Fantaghiro for helping me to build and organize this web site.

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