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Slideshows -- Due to PhotoPoint no longer hosting slideshows, the shows on this site are *temporarily* unavailable. I will try to get the two of them uploaded to Tripod as soon as I can. Thanks, and I'm sorry for the inconvenience. -- July 1, 2001

Mason and Julia Discussion/Tape Trading Page -- Yes, I have changed boards yet again. I promise this is final. This board will allow me to only have one board versus many to deal with, and different forums per category. For those who have tape requests, please re-enter them here. Thank you. -- Updated on June 2, 2001.

Interviews -- UPDATED as of March 27, 2001

Mason/Julia Transcript Updates List for This Site

Soap Net *Note* Soap City is dead. So the next course of action is to somehow get Soap Net on our cable/satellite systems and beg them to get the rights to air Santa Barbara! It's worth a try!

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