Andy J's Guide to Thomas Dolby

Adam and Joe Show appearance


"Some of it's here, in pictures"


Thomas Dolby appeared on Channel 4's (UK) programme "The Adam and Joe Show" on 1999-apr-30 in a feature called "Vinyl Justice". This involved two funnymen dressed as the Record Police. They made their way up the beach to Mr. Dolby's sea-side residence, and proceeded to knock on the patio window. Mr. Dolby allowed them in to take the **** out of his record collection, which included Rod Stewart, Keith Harris and Orville, and some punk.

Surprisingly there's no web-site for Orville, the little green ******, or any references to his song, which simply chronicles the unfortunate creature's myriad defects.

Here are some still shots for your amusement and delight.

Nice shot!


End of introduction

Approaching the premises (censored)

Nice gear, and vinyl A&H

Nice cap.

"gottle of gear"...

Where was his hand?



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