Andy J's Guide to Thomas Dolby

Music and Computers Mag. feature


"Some of it's here, in pictures"


Music and Computers (magazine) in March/April 1997 did a feature on Beatnik and Thomas Dolby. Here are two pictures from the article.

Says Thomas : "For advertisers, training, telephony, notification, sonification and user interface design, there is a gaping hole where sound ought to be. Whatever the message you're trying to convey, you can say it better with music and sound. Audio has always been a poor relation to PCs, and the Web has widened the gap further. The only solution is a platform-independent, system-independent, one-stop shop, designed by musicians, not engineers. I haven't been this excited since the early '80s, when I heard all American cities would be wired with cable TV and there'd be a 24-hour music channel."

I'm sure there was a reference once (at the Flat Earth Society, but bug'ed if I can find it) to being free to wear green corduroy, hehe.


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