Fanfic Links C-E

Calliope's Muse and Fanfiction Pages
Ann Berry's Delightful Stories, Mostly Gilescentric

The Calm After the Storm
The Calm After the Storm: All about Faith

Lots of Cordelia fanfic and much more.

Chaos Embraced
A Cordy/Angel Page

Chelle's Tangled Web
Wonderful Buffy/Riley, Buffy/Spike and Buffy/Angel written by Chelle.

Chimera Bloom
Chimera Bloom: Buffy/Willow Fanfiction and a lot more

Color Blind
A different type of fanfic

Cruel Obsessions

D.J.'s Site of Fun
A site under construction with a variety of fanfic

Dancing Lessons
Buffy and Spike Redemptionist Fic

The Darker Side of Sunnydale

Days of Our Unlives
A hilarious Spike/Angel series

Lots of Giles/Cordy fic and pictures

A Devil, a Witch, and an Angel
Spike, Willow and Angel fanfic

Little Pinky's Fanfic

Divine Collective: Maayan's Heaven
Divine Collective: The portal to Maayan's site, including her "Heaven and Hell" series

Drowning in Russet Silk
Drowning in Russet Silk: A wonderful Spike/Dru site

Ducks Fanfic

Spike and Harmony Stories and More

Eternal Nightcap
Spike and Angel fanfic

Eternal Obsessions
Eternal Obsessions, a Buffy/Angelus site

A large site with a wide variety of things including Lar's fanfic

Even Angels Fall

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