Soap Opera Digest Classic Lines
Lines Thanks To Holly!

SOD February 25, 1997
Luke (to Lucy before leaving town): "There's a whole bunch of stuffed shirts in this town who need to be offended, and I'm counting on you--you're just the girl to do it."

SOD November 18, 1997
(Lucy gets caught with her interior decorator by a recovering Kevin, dragging his IV.)
Lucy: "Uh, Doc? What are you doing here?"
(Kevin reads his chart.)
Kevin: "'Collins, Kevin. Subdural Hematoma.' That's me!"

SOD July 22, 1997
(Kevin tries talking to a distracted Lucy)
Kevin: "So are you going to let me into that brain of yours, or not?"

SOD April 29, 1997
Kevin: "Don't you understand anything about the male ego?"
Lucy: "I am the wrong person to ask about this. I know everything about the male ego--it's huge, and it always gets in the way!"

SOD October 20, 1998
(Ellen calls Matt from the cabin.)
Matt: "Was the storm bad?"
Ellen: "The storm was fine, but Hurricane Lucy was a disaster."

SOD May 26, 1992
Scott (to Lucy, before she left for N.Y.): "You've slept with everybody in this town. Is that why you feel the need to move to a bigger city?"

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