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This site is dedicated to the BBC Television series Survivors which originally aired from 1975-8. Its creator was Terry Nation of Doctor Who fame.

The basic idea is that a deadly virus wipes out the vast majority of the world's population. The story follows the lives of three survivors, how they come to terms with their situation and how they begin to rebuild society.

It has recently been reshown on UK Gold and has been broadcast on a variety of channels throughout the world, including PBS in the States about 8 years ago.

Thanks to the tireless work of Phil, we now have reviews for all episodes. These are accessible from The Story page.

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Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Geocities keeps threatening to delete the site if I don't keep on updating it! Seems pretty crazy as there are on average 10-20 hits per day. I'll try to keep doing incremental updates in order to keep the site going.


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