Belive it or not the wandering singer and her comedian partnet have finaly found a home!
In the hearts of all their fans!!!
Rita and Runt are online!!

Runt: "Wow Rita look at all the hits for 99!! , yeah definetly, definetly hits!!".

Rita: "Dogs, go fig!...Oh! by the way, Fox modifies this page all the time. Mostly, his so called story about me and Runt."

New Arrivals

Fox: I'm sorry to say that Animaniacs in my country is now showing in reruns. This means that There might be no more updates to this site until the new set of Animanics episodes are shown. Sorry


about Rita & Runt pictures and fanfic Art sound bytes and lyrics transcripts and cultural references

Who exactly is Rita the Cat and Runt the Dog? Get to know them a little better plus see a few surprises as well.

See gifs,jpgs,fanfic art and trading cards of our lovable dog and cat team!

Veiw the lyrics of all of Rita and Runt's known songs and get possible sound bytes of them as well.

Veiw the cultural refferences, voice talents, directors, writters, studio animations and possible transcripts of their episodes!

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