Yanky Boy - ^ s (Wui To Tong San)   

Starring :

Leon Lai Ming  Har Yu 
Keith Kwan  Li Lai Lai 
Lau Mei Kuen  Lai Mei Han 

No. of episodes: 20  


Tsoi (Har Yu) is rich and powerful. He bribed the chief of the village to cheat money from the villagers. Then one day, there comes back to the village a man named Dai (Hui Siu Hung). He brings with him his son Ka (Keith Kwan) and his adopted son Sai (Leon Lai). Dai is determined to teach Tsoi a lesson. He rescues the brothel-keeper Fong (Li Lai Lai) and her daughter Mui (Lau Mei Kuen) from Tsoi and thus wins Fong's heart. 

 On the other hand, Kin (Tai Chi Wai), one of Tsoi's men, tries to rape Na (Lai Mei Han, Kitty) but is prevented by Sai. Kin, in the end, turns to robbery and kidnaps Tsoi's children and Na... 



Peter Fong's opinion: A long time has passed since I've seen this serie, but the fact that I can still remember it is a sign that it's quite a good serie. It's one of the first series with Leon Lai starring in it. I kinda liked him. Unlike his later TV-appearance he's not giving that "cool dude"-act. He's very convincing as a naive "Chook Sing Tsai" (someone who grewup in another country than China/Hong Kong).  




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