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February 10, 2003

The DVD Campaign got its own space now. The article Industry discovers old Television series for publication on DVD has now its own page, thus it can be printed out on its own. The CD labels for sending out CDs are on this page.


One of us subscribes to an online newsletter called The Sci Fi Guys( They ask a question each issue that they want folks to write in about and they publish some answers in the next issue.

The current question: "What cancelled series would you like to see brought back?"

AND the Tribe made its voice known big time!! "The Sentinel" is one of only two such series featured in their latest newsletter, and the letter chosen to represent the fandom's voice was from one of your very own SOS sibs - ta dah! See below for this and other responses...

EDITOR: All I can say is, "Holy Cow!" Our question found its way to a Sentinel fan list and we got flooded. Again, many sent in excellent letters and it was hard to pick the one to carry the banner.

Response #2: Barbara

You asked: "What cancelled series would you like to see brought back?" Ah, that's an easy one! "The Sentinel". Yeah, I know it's a small, obscure show to most folks out there, but there's a rabid fan base that successfully campaigned to get the show back from cancellation once, for an additional eight episodes. But the show ended with one of the leads facing an important decision about his future that was never resolved after those eight episodes. As the fan base is divided down the middle on what the outcome would have been, we desperately want to know what would've happened!

 From: Stormy

I would like to see The Sentinel brought back. In fact there is a big following for the series that have written numerous requests to Paramount,UPN, and the Scifi channel requesting that the show be brought back, or at least the re-runs shown. We have also done our best to try and get the episodes placed on DVD. The show itself was excellent, action filled, and had a good plot that kept me very interested. The scifi aspect of the show added to it, and made it one of (in my opinion) the best shows on TV.

From: Alix

"What cancelled series would you like to see brought back?"

The Sentinel. It was just getting back into gear when it was yanked. There is a lot more area to explore, especially on the mystical side of things. The chemistry between the actors bled over into the characters and saved many episodes from some less than stellar writing. The fandom is still large and active and anyone who has the sense to get this series back up on it's feet would find that it would pay for itself.

There you have it, sibs. SOS will forward the news-letter to Bonnie Hammer with a "Heads up, Sci Fi Channel! Demand for 'The Sentinel' is still out there, and we want our show back!" And...this MIGHT just be a good time for such a push.

Back in July, Chris Regina, Sci-Fi's Programming Director told SOS that there were "no current plans" to put TS back on the schedule. Yet barely a month later, he was quoted on's Bulletin Board as saying yes, TS would be back in the fall or in January. SOS called Regina and confirmed the quote. He further stated that it "would most likely be back in January". Yeah, we've heard this before - but this IS a change from Chris's July's comments! Hopeful? Maybe - and we say, jump on it! Take the man at his word and send a couple of emails to the Sci-Fi Channel at:


Remember, too, that hard-copy has as much, if not more impact than e-mail. Splurge on a stamp and send a postcard or letter to Chris Regina, and/or President

Bonnie Hammer at:

The Sci Fi Channel
1230 Ave. of the Americas
New York, NY 10020-1513

Call Sci Fi at 212-413-5000, ask for the Comments Hotline, and give 'em some comments! ASK if it's true TS will be back in Jan. TELL them we want it back!!

May we suggest that, once you've written to /emailed /phoned the Sci Fi Channel to agitate for the return of "The Sentinel" then zip over to our most excellent sib Sandy's (z3magic) Web Count site? She's set this up to keep a running total of correspondence to Sci Fi, and we'd love for her to track your input.

All these URL's should work:

Let's see those numbers jump!!

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