Special Items


crystal.jpg (4954 bytes)The CRYSTAL APPLE appears in many scenes, and it is from Tiffany.    So, what does it symbolizes in Love Generation?  Well, the meaning behind the crystal apple is that there is only one true love, which is between Adam and Eve -- hence the apple.  But why a crystal one?  This is because crystal is very fragile.   When you look through it, things looks upside down, symbolizing Teppei's being tornt apart between Riko and Misuhara.


fridge.jpg (6061 bytes) This is Teppei's REFRIGERATOR, manufactured by  General Electric about 30 years ago and no longer in production.  Apart from being and "antique", another thing special about the refrigerator is the poster on it - "True love never runs smooth".  In episode six, Riko also left her handwriting on the door of the refrigerator which means "Teppei is a lustful person" siki.jpg (4474 bytes)


This is again from Teppei's apartment.  This is a THAI ARTIFACT originally used for incense.   statute.jpg (6977 bytes) However, it's used by Teppei for putting his coins.  Teppei likes women's breast (mmm... he's a "lustful person", remember) , that's why it's very shiny on that area only.


This POSTER was designed by Teppei when he was still working as an advertisment copywriter.

iappleu.jpg (6648 bytes) It shows 2 little angels holding a crystal apple and the caption was "I Apple You" - which of course means "I Love U"  iappleu2.jpg (4413 bytes)


truelove.jpg (6289 bytes)

This is the BOARD that appears almost everywhere in the drama.  The female model featured in this poster was Rio - who acted in "Long Vacation".  She was holding a crystal apple and the board says, "True love never runs smooth......"



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